Saturday, 27 July 2013

My Daily Selection for Free Kindle Download at Amazon

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*Introducing a New Author to the Blog*

Download this one, and you will be in for the long haul, 524 pages, of Historical Romance:

Stand …

When an audacious highwayman held up his coach and pointed a pistol at him, the Marquis of Bathhurst had a critical choice to make – give up his dead brother’s ring or lose the family jewels. Gabriel decided to part with the memento, but only temporarily. He would track down the thief with the unforgettable green eyes if it was the last thing he did.

And deliver …

Everyone knew of the scandalous reputation of the Rogues of London. So when their most infamous member took her in his arms at a society ball, Olivia Fairfax realized his intentions were far from honorable. Gabriel’s hot pursuit made her emerald eyes widen and her pulse race, but was he after a lover or the hellion who’d dared to rob him at gunpoint? Either way, Olivia knew it was now her turn to hand over the good, and she was more than willing to give him her body and her heart.

It's a lottery, as thee are no Reviews yet, and I have never seen this author before ..... I felt lucky this morning (and it's sitting at #92 on the Best Seller List), so though I would feature it. Click HERE to get your free download.

I've noticed that the free download don't seem to hang around too long, so get in quick if you fancy giving this one a go.

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