Thursday, 29 December 2011

#202 (#138) - An Inconvenient Marriage - Ruth Ann Nordin *NEW AUTHOR

ISBN or e-book:

Not known, I bought as Kindle e-book from Amazon


Not known

Main Characters:

Sue Lewis and Jake Mitchell

Brief outline of Plot:

Need to add details

Rating and conclusion:

Need to add - just bear with me I am behind, as I found quite a few on the Kindle that I had not added to the list.

It was bizarre to say the best.  I found it not particularly well written .... but to the point where it was so bad it was actually amusing.  Which kept me turning the pages to see how bad it could actually get before I called time.  I reached the end therefore a 2 star rating. I would try another one of her books to see if this was a one-off!



#201 (#137) - If His Kiss is Wicked ~ Jo Goodman NEW AUTHOR

ISBN or e-book:

Not known, I bought as Kindle e-book from Amazon



Main Characters:

Enna Hathaway and Restel Gardner

Brief outline of Plot:

Need to add details

Rating and conclusion:

Need to add - just bear with me I am behind, as I found quite a few on the Kindle that I had not added to the list.

3 star rating.



#200 (#136) - The English Witch ~ Loretta Chase

Trevelyan Family Book 2

ISBN or e-book:

Not known, I bought as Kindle e-book from Amazon


Signet Regency

Main Characters:

Alexandra Ashmore and Basil Trevelyn

Brief outline of Plot:

Need to add details

Rating and conclusion:

Need to add - just bear with me I am behind, as I found quite a few on the Kindle that I had not added to the list.

4.5 star rating.



#199 (#135) - Isabella ~ Loretta Chase

Trevelyan Family Book 1

ISBN or e-book:

Not known, I bought as Kindle e-book from Amazon


Signet Regency

Main Characters:

Isabella Latham and Lord Hartleigh

Brief outline of Plot:

Need to add details

Rating and conclusion:

Need to add - just bear with me I am behind, as I found quite a few on the Kindle that I had not added to the list.

4 star rating.



#198 (#134) - Captives of the Night ~ Loretta Chase

ISBN or e-book:

Bought as Kindle from Amazon


Berkley Sensation Historical Romance

Main Characters:

Leila Beaumont and Comte D'Esmonde

Brief outline of Plot:

Need to add details

Rating and conclusion:

Need to add - just bear with me I am behind, as I found quite a few on the Kindle that I had not added to the list.

4.5 star rating.



#197 (#133) - The Perfect Stranger ~ Anne Gracie

Book 3 of the Merridew Series

ISBN or e-book:

Bought as Kindle from Amazon


Berkley Sensation Historical Romance

Main Characters:

Faith Merridew and Nick ?

Brief outline of Plot:

Need to add details

Rating and conclusion:

Need to add - just bear with me I am behind, as I found quite a few on the Kindle that I had not added to the list.

4 star rating.



#196 (#132) - The Perfect Rake ~ Anne Gracie - NEW AUTHOR

Book 1 of Merridew Series

ISBN or e-book:

Bought as Kindle from Amazon


Berkley Sensation Historical Romance

Main Characters:

Prudence Merridew and Gideon ?

Brief outline of Plot:

Need to add details

Rating and conclusion:

Need to add - just bear with me I am behind, as I found quite a few on the Kindle that I had not added to the list.

4 star rating.



Wednesday, 28 December 2011

#195 (#131) - A Lady's Lesson in Scandal ~ Meredith Duran

ISBN or Kindle:

978-1-4516-0693-5 (also comes as an e-book)


Pocket Star Books

Main characters:

Nell Whitby (Lady Cornelia Aubyn) and Simon St Maur, Earl of Rushden

Brief outline of plot:

Nell is a factory girl from Bethnal Green, and to has to beg and steal to pay for her mother's care.  On her death bed her mother tells her to seek help from the Earl of Rushden, who is her father.

Bent on revenge Nell breaks into the Earl's house, but finds that she is pointing the pistol she carries at the wrong .... and very naked .... man.

He thinks she is a lost heiress, she thinks he is mad, but goes along with his plot with the intention of splitting the £900,000 inheritance .... only thing she has to do is marry him .... could it be simpler?

Rating and Conclusion:

I've been wanting to read a Meredith Duran book for a little while, but was a tad disappointed.  It was slower that I thought, some of the background layer didn't quite gel and left me confused about exactly what time frame it took place in (i.e. carriages, electricity, factory girls).  Again, with a lot of authors not from UK there was the use of wording that would not apply here - sorry, that is just an irritant to me, not anything against the author. I am also not convinced that the title was a good choice, as there wasn't much scandal contained between the covers of either the book or the sheets!!

I liked the book, I did not love it.  A 3 star read, and I will try again with another of her offerings.



Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Heatherstone ~ Letitia Harmon

last trailer for today I promise, but looky looky at this one:

His Shadowed Heart Trailer ~ Hazel Statham

I really like the look of this one .... lovely gentle trailer too:

#194 (#130) - Dancing with Dr Kildare ~ Jane Yardley *NEW AUTHOR

ISBN or Kindle:



Black Swan (

Main Characters:

Ninah Hannay with various sub-characters too numerous to mention

Brief Outline of Plot:

When Nina's father dies she finds an old music manuscript written in his hand in a locked desk.  Although he played the violin, he was no musical genius, and this manuscript had Sibelius positively shrieking off the pages.  The question is did he write it, and if so why keep such a masterpiece hidden?

Nina has to dig back in the past, which leads to her contemplation of her traumatic childhood, almost wishing in the end that she had never unlocked the desk.

Rating and conclusion:

I really tried to like this book, but the constant switching around of time lines etc, put me off a bit.  I also had a problem with getting any kind of connection with the characters.

In the end it probably merits a 2.5 Star rating.

On the plus side, I now know more than I did before about Argentinian Tango and an obscure Finnish battle.

Not too sure I would read another book by this author, but never say never.



Monday, 26 December 2011

#193 (#129) - The Earl's Bargain ~ Cheryl Bolen - NEW AUTHOR

ISBN or Kindle:  

Not known as I bought on Kindle

Main Characters:

Mrs Louisa Phillips and Harold Coke, 5th Earl of Wycliff

Brief Outline of Plot:

At a very young age the beautiful Louisa finds herself married to a much older Godwin Phillips, who is in the employ of an unknown lord.  Her circumstances ensure that she becomes a man-hating blue stocking.  Eventually though,  Louisa finds herself a widow and penniless and is forced to turn to the Earl of Wycliff for financial security for life in return for her help in solving the mystery of who ruined his family.

It turns out that they are both of them hiding secrets - especially that they love one another.

Rating and conclusion:

Not a bad book, but not outstanding - a 3 star read at best.  I would certainly read other titles by this author, so give it a go.


Wednesday, 21 December 2011

#192 (#128) - The Reasons for Marriage ~ Stephanie Laurens

ISBN:  978-0-7783-0225-4

Publisher:  Mira

Main Characters:

Miss Lenore Lester (Sister of Jack & Harry Lester) and Jason Montgomery, Duke of Eversleigh

Brief Outline of Plot:

Faced with the fact that his younger brother's death would leave him with an unacceptable heir, Jason decided that he needed a wife and listed his Reasons:  She must be happy to remain in the country until he requested her presence in London for some reason; She must be capable of running a large house/estate; Not an antidote, but dis-interested in other men; She must be well-born with an acceptable family; She must be slightly more mature that the general run of the mill marriageable young miss; She must not be dim-witted; She must be happy to find her own amusement, leaving him to continue with his usual activities; She must be willing to produce an heir or two........... with such a list, is it possible that such a paragon of virtue exists?

Conclusion and rating:

Nice to read the book preceding the others in this series:  A Lady of Expectations; An Unwilling Conquest and A Comfortable Wife, and actually probably the best of the 3 so far.  A 4 star read.



A nice little spend up on Kindle Store

last night I had time to myself to browse the Kindle Store, and came away with quite a few books - including complete works of Jane Austen for 0.23p - amazing!  I still have lots to spend from the vouchers I received for my birthday too, but can;t decide what to buy.

Before 31st December I need to also update this blog with the books on both of the Kindles' in this place that I've read, but forgotten about as it would be nice to have the correct tally.



Sunday, 18 December 2011

#191 (#127) - In Pursuit of Eliza Cynster ~ Stephanie Laurens

Book 2 in Cynster Sister Trilogy

ISBN: 978-0-7499-5598-4

Publisher: Piatcus

Main Characters: Miss Elizabeth Cynster & Mr Jeremy Carling

Brief outline of plot:

Eliza Cynster is the second of the girls to be kidnapped by a mysterious Scottish Laird.  She taken from under the  very noses at the engagement ball of her Sister Heather (the Heroine from the first book in the Trilogy - I've actually not read it yet, but need to get my paws on it p.d.q.).  On the way to the rendezvous with the 'Laird' Eliza garners all her courage to watch for a likely rescuer.  Meanwhile Jeremy Carling has left the home of Royce, Duke of Wolverstone and on his journey has decided that he needs to marry.

Fate decides that Jeremy will be the one to witness Eliza's plea for help as he is going in the opposite direction. As a bookworm with hitherto no 'Alpha Male' qualities, will he prove to be her Man?


A 4.5 star read, leaving me wanting to find out what will happen to the younger sister, Angelica, and also the the adventure of the first book between Heather and Lord Breckenridge.



Thursday, 15 December 2011

#190 (#126) - A Weekend with Mr Darcy ~ Victoria Connelly (NEW AUTHOR)

ISBN:  1402251327
Kindle Version
Published by:  Avon

Main Characters:  Dr Kathryn Roberts and Warrick Lawton
Others characters:  Lorna Warwick, Robyn Love

Brief outline of plot:  Dr Kathryn Roberts is a Jane Austen expert and has written a couple of books about it.  Not only is she an expert, but is a confirmed Janeite and is eagerly anticipating a whole weekend of everything Jane.  She's also hoping that her penfriend, the author Lorna Warrick will also be there - whilst they have never met, Kathryn feels that they understand each other very well - which a refreshing change from all dating that has gone wrong in her life thus far.  However, will Lorna be what Kathryn is expecting, and how does a Warwick Lawton figure in the picture of all things Jane?

I loved this book (might help that I am a confirmed Janeite myself) - no problems to give it a 5+ rating - my Mother on the other hand hated it, and failed to get to the end.  Just shows that you really can't please all of the people all of the time, or even some of the people some of the time!!



#189 (#125) - Ruthless ~ Ann Stuart (NEW AUTHOR)

ISBN:  0778328481
Kindle Copy
Publisher: Mills and Boon Historical Romance
Characters:  Elinor Harriman and Viscount Rohan
Brief outline of plot:  Viscount Rohan is an exiled aristocrat hell bent on indulging his insatiable appetite, however time is ensuring that not much will assuage them as he is becoming jaded by the same old same old.  Elinor is thrown in his path when she goes to find her demented Mother at one of his sinful gatherings.  She fascinates him, he frightens her and she is determined not go give in.  Along the way though the good girl begins to give in to the rake ... isn't that always the way!!

Actually quite well written, and I would say it merited a 3.5 Star rating, give it a go.



Wednesday, 14 December 2011

#188 (#124) - Finding Home ~ Roisin McAuley (NEW AUTHOR)

ISBN:  978-0-7515-3859-5
Published by: Sphere (Littlebrown)
Main characters/brief outline of plot:
Henry and Diana Wintour (Brother and Sister)
Louise O'Neill (Our Heroine if you like)
Supporting Characters: Rebecca Teddy & Jacky, Chloe, Lucy, Peter, John Finniegan, Barry Shaw and others
Louise and Rebecca are looking for a location for the film that they are hoping will be approved shortly for production.  They come across Wooldene Hall in the distant and decide it is just the place.  They meet the owner, Henry, who lives not in the big house but in a bungalow with his sister (Diana) nearby.  The house is perfect, even if the roof is badly in need of urgent repair and they set in motion the contracts to hire it from pre-production onwards.  Prior to the film company's offer they had hoped to flog a few old bottles of wine that had been found in the cellar, but a couple of thousand quid probably wouldn't be enough to pay a fraction of the amount needed. Throw in old feelings about the IRA, the British Army, a stalker and family loyalties and love.

If you have read any of my previous posts, you will realise that my literary pleasure hovers in the realms of main the Regency period ... I rarely venture much past the First World with any frequency.

I had run out of a supply of books, and therefore took up this contemporary offering with a feeling of dread ... I was determined to give it a go though.

Thank goodness, what a truly wonderful read - so beautifully written.  Miss McAuley has such a wonderful easy flowing style.  It was insightful and intelligently written.  I loved it a big 5+ stars. If you only read one thing in 2012 it should be this if you love a romance or two.

Other books by this author:  Meeting Point; Singing Bird



#187 (#123) - A Little Folly ~ Jude Morgan (New Author)

ISBN:  978-0-7533-0767-8
Published by:  Headline

Characters/brief outline:
Main charaters Louisa Carnell and her Brother, Valentine
Sub characters:  James Tresilian, Pearce Lynley, Francis Lynley, Lady Harriet Evershot plus others
Lousia and Valentine have been bullied, dominated and stifled by their Father, and therefore when he dies suddenly they are left rudderless and adrift.  It takes a while, but they both kick back in their own way.  Louisa rejects the man intended for her by her Father, Pearce Lynley, and then plays the field.  Valentine falls for Lady Harriet.and looses a great deal of money.  Happily though, they both find their way back on to the right path, but do either of them find love?

The cover promised that ".....reminiscent of a good Georgette Heyer", which was quite a bold claim in my own personal/humble opinion.  However, when all is said and done - or rather read from cover to cover - the statement did seem to still be a little optimistic, but just only a little.

That makes me sound like I didn't like it ..... I did, but really there can only ever be one Georgette Heyer (much the same as their can ever only be one Jane Austen) ... probably the statement should have been "....quite like a Georgette Heyer" instead.

I found it to be a little wordy, with a a very good go at being the real thing.  The wordiness meant that I had to concentrate (always a challenge with teenagers and pets working to their own unique agendas).  The plot too, didn't seem to move at much of a pace.   On the whole a 3.5 star read, and it certainly would not be put off from reading another of Miss Morgan's offerings any time soon.  Give it a go and see what you think, I'd be interested to find out.


Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Regency Dress Up Dolls

Thanks to Savvi on Deviant Art, you can now play paper dolls with fabulous regency costumes - just love it. Here's my alter ego Lady Freya D'Isle.  A sassy and perky red head with an independent spirit and simply not willing to take no for an answer.

or a smaller image for an avatar:

Sunday, 27 November 2011

I admit it .... I have shed loads of titles to add

but have just been too busy to get my head around which ones I have read on the two Kindles knocking around in this house.

I should note them down as I start to read them .... I need to get it done, as my total will be out at 31st December if I'm not careful.

Just finishing up a sequel to something I read a while ago, no point in saying which one, as I don't think I've added it on here yet ... see what I mean!!

Happy reading


Monday, 21 November 2011

#186 (#122) ~ A Comfortable Wife ~ Stephanie Laurens

ISBN:  978-0-7783-0237-7

A quick review for this one - 3 stars.

A related title to the Lester stories, this one features Philip Marlowe, 7th Baron Ruthven and Miss Antionia Mannering.

She's known him practically all her life, but they haven't seen each other for years.  Antonia is hopeing that she will be just the comfortable wife she thinks he needs.  He's attracted to her, but does he want a comfortable wife?

Truth to well, whilst I love Stephanie Laurens, the whole of the Lester stories have been dull, dull as ditchwater actually .... is she just writing to many to a formula?  Read it for yourself and judge, if nothing else it will while away a train journey.


Wednesday, 16 November 2011

A Sense of Place

Miss Antionelle Boulter quit the stage at The Plough Inn at Ightham Common, and stood with some trepidation awaiting the promised escort to her new home at The Mote.

"You Miss Boulter" a somewhat gruff looking old gentlemen shouted above the noise.

"Indeed I am.  Are you sent from his Grace's household?"

"Hmmphh, far too young. You sure your t'new Guv'ness?"

This question seemed not to necessitate an answer as the burly gent merely heaved her trunk on his shoulder with another "Hmmphh" and strode off towards the small trap waiting just to the side of the Inn yard.

Having deposited his burden inside, he handed Antionelle up without another word, took his seat and gave the office to the fat brown pony to head out onto the narrow track leading uphill from the crossroad that the Inn sat upon.

Mist was beginning to wisp around as, in total silence, they headed into the gloom of the overhanging branches to make their ascent.  Her companion, it seemed was disinclined to small talk, and therefore the only noise to be head apart from the dull thud of the pony's hooves alarmingly eerie call of Rooks somewhere ahead.

After about a quarter of the mile still ascending they reached another crossroads and took a left turn - it seemed travelling even deeper into the forest.  With no sign of habitation along their route, Antionelle was growing more worried with every step the pony took.

Perhaps another five minutes later the trees began to thin, and then came across a small collection of cottages on a tight bend.  This having been negotiated they then turned right and headed off down yet another track, this time turning and bending, at what sometimes seemed an alarming angle of descent.

Antionelle was left wondering exactly where His Grace the Duke of Wrotham actually resided.  Surely, it would be somewhere with slightly more of an open and grand aspect?  Had there been some terrible mistake made by the agency?

....................comments gratefully received.

#185 (#121) Friday's Child ~ Georgette Heyer

ISBN:  978-0-09-946804-2

Our heroine goes by the unlikely name of Hero, Hero Wantage, a poor relation of the Bagshots with no other family to speak of, and at the age of not quite 17 no experience of how to go on.

The completely loveable hero is Anthony, Lord Sherringham, he's know Hero all of her life it seems and comes across her upon leaving his Mama having threatened to marry the first girl he comes across.

Our poor Hero proves to be a damsel in distress, so Anthony follows through with his threat and carries her off there and then for a special licence wedding.

Such a delightful read, full of Georgette Heyer tapestry of words and characters, woven into a funny and endearing tale.

Definitely a 5+ read.


Sunday, 13 November 2011

Just finished A Weekend with Mr Darcy

not got time to write up more about it at the moment - this is purely an aide memoire so I don't forget the website address, which is HERE.

I loved it, and can't wait to read more.

So busy with everything at the Galaxy, that I have not had too much time for reading, although there are about 3 or 4 I need to jot down on here - it's on my to do list.  BTW, this book was a 5+++

Happy reading.


Monday, 31 October 2011

#184 (#120) - Arabella ~ Georgette Heyer

A 4 Star read all around ... it's been ages since I read this one ............ I particularly love the use of cant in her books .... and the flow of conversations in appropriate language.

Excellent read..... the story of Miss Arabella Tallent and Mr Robert Beaumaris - she's given the opportunity to spend a London Season with her God Mother, and is very well aware that as a the oldest child of an impoverished cleric and his beautiful wife it behoves her to make a creditable match to see the other children have a helping hand in life.

On the way to London her carriage breaks down and she seeks shelter with her travelling companion at the hero's hunting box.  After overhearing a conversation on his views of being opportuned by females try to catch him in parson's mousetrap she happily gives him to understand that she is in fact an heiress.

Unfortunately for her, his companion is completely taken in by this claim, and seems to tell the whole ton, and within days it's open season on Arabella by every fortune hunter in the ton.  Meanwhile, Mr Beaumaris (setter of fashion) has decided that whilst he doesn't quite believe the whole "heiress" story he is in fact very taken by her, and sets out to his particular attention, which will in turn help her to become the rage of the season.  It started out as an amusement on his behalf in the beginning, but he soon falls for the lovely creature.

Throw in an brother also masquerading as something he is not, and a lack of experience on his behalf, oh and his slow top friend, and you have a winning combo.


Tuesday, 25 October 2011

#183 (#119) - Devil to Pay ~ Liz Carlyle - RE-READ

Just as good as a re-read - see original post HERE. In fact I would say having read it again it's probably worth another half star to 4.5.

Phew, I'm officially caught up with my list of books .... about time too, and just in time in fact for starting a new one this afternoon.

#182 (#118) - Pleasures of a Notorious Gentleman ~ Lorraine Heath

Book 2 - Great Lovers' of London Series

Stephen Lyons is the black sheep of the family ... he was also once caught in the bed of his brother's wife on her wedding night.

To attempt to redeem his reputation his brothers' buy him a commission and he gets sent off to the Crimea, where he becomes a war hero .... unfortunately, he can remember nothing about it.

Miss Mercy Dawson returns from the Crimea with her reputation in tatters ... she is apparently the mother of Stephen's baby.  Although she believes that he was killed out there.

When her father drags her to the Lyons family seat it seems she cares not a jot for her reputation, but is desperate to see that baby John knows his family.  Well aware that they could take him from her ... she just prays that they will let her stay as his nursemaid or similar, and is shocked to find that Stephen is in fact alive.

Will he make good her reputation, given that he can remember nothing of their time together in the Crimea, or will he discover her guilty secret!

A 4.5 star read.

#181 (#117) - Passions of a Wicked Earl ~ Lorraine Heath

Book 1 in London's Greatest Lovers Series

Claire had been a chaste innocent when she was married off at a very young age to Morgan Lyons, 8th Earl of Westcliffe.  Although she had known him forever, he was a distant figure with a notorious reputation with women.

Terrified on her wedding night she had sought refuge in the arms of another childhood friend, who just happened to be Morgan's brother, and they were caught in bed together.

Morgan dragged Claire off down to the country estate and left her to rot.

However, many years later Claire is determined to see that her younger sister is given the chance for a Season to find a husband other than the one picked out for her by their father ... so she takes hold of her courage and takes up residence under the husband's roof.

This unexpected event takes Morgan by surprise, and he's amazed to see how Claire has bloomed since he banished her.

Will she manage to bring her notorious rake of a husband under control, find a man for her sister and move on?

A 5 star read.

#180 (#116) Lord of Scoundrels ~ Loretta Chase

Sebastian Ballister, Marquess of Dain .... the only thing he is interested in is sin, sin and more sin ... he delights in being bad to the bone.

Miss Jessica Trent, spinster, virtuous and set on a path to make the Marquess of Dain relinquish his hold on her gullible brother.

This could go either way ... she could fall into his clutches and end up ruined .... or she could bring the bad boy to heel.

A 5+ star read, and well worth it.

#179 (#115) - The Sins of Lord Easterbrook ~ Madeline Hunter

Book 4 - The Rothwell Brothers

Christian, Marquess of Easterbrook is known to be distant and strange by anyone's standards, even his own borthers' are bemused by him....and almost feel that he is waiting for something.

Actually, it turns out he is (although possibly he doesn't even know that) .... one Miss Leona Montgomery.

A shared kiss long ago, a hungry desire that was never fed and a passion that proves incendiary, but will it be enough to persuade the Marquess to marry and conquer his worst fears.

A 5 star read.

#178 (#114) - Secrets of Surrender ~ Madeline Heath

Book 3 - The Rothwell Brothers Series

Beautiful Roselyn Longworth is plunged into poverty by the collapse of her brothers' banking empire (see Book 1), but as she holds her cousin's husband (Lord Haydn) to blame she will take nothing from them.

In desperation she falls back on her beauty and agrees to become the mistress of a lord, she believes that there is affection involved in his offer, but very soon finds that out to be incorrect at a fateful house party when he puts her up for auction.

Self-made mining boy, Kyle Bradwell, comes to the rescue and puts in an extraordinarily high bid to win her.

To protect her reputation he then offers to marry her, but can he win her over with kindness, and is that the secret to surrender?

A 4.5 star read.

#177 (#113) The Lessons of Desire ~ Madeline Hunter

Book 2 in the Rothwell Brothers Series

A 4 star read about Phaedra Blair and Lord Elliott Rothwell (Brother of Haydn from the previous book).

She's an illegitimate daugher of an MP and a famous courtesan and campaigner for woman's rights and he is the youngest of the Rothwell brothers, also a famous author and historian.

She inherits her father's interest in a printing press and has promised to publish his memoires and Lord Elliott has been ordered by his brother the Marquess to stop the publication by any means.

However, any means seem to be seduction and marriage to get what they want.

#176 (#112) The Rules of Seduction ~ Madeline Hunter

Book 1 - Rothwell Brothers Series

A 4.5 star read.

Alexia Welbounre's banking family is brought to ruin by the death, fraud and greed but Lord Haydn Rothwell steps into the breach to make good the losses.

Alexia hates him, but with no other prospects agrees to marry him.

Will love win out?

Still left to add to this list

I admit it .... I've been pants at updating list .... but it can't be helped as things have been really busy around here!!

I still have 4 books by Madeline Hunter to add ......... The Rothwell Brothers series and a re-read of Devil to Pay by Liz Carlyle.  Plus I'm about to start a new book by another unknown (to me) author.  Ohh, and I forgot the 2 Lorraine Heath books and another Loretta Chase that I've just finished.

That's the problem with Kindle I suppose, it's far to easy to read, rate and do a quick tweet and then move on.

#175 (#111) - An Unwilling Conquest ~ Stephanie Laurens

A 3.5 star read, but slightly better than the book that went before (A Lady of Expectations).  This one features Jack's brother, Harry Lester and widow Mrs Lucinda Babbacombe.  A bit of a mystery running through the book, which is exactly what I like to see with her books.

Looking forward to reading "A Comfortable Wife" now.

#174 (#110) - Lady of Sin ~ Madeline Hunter

Seducer Series Spin Off

4.5 Star read.

Charlotte, widowed Baroness Mardenford (younger sister of Virgil and Dante) and Nathinel Knightridge (Barrister that defended her sister Penelope).

#173 (#109) Lord of Sin ~ Madeline Hunter

Seducer Series Spin off

4 Star read

Ewan McLean (friend of Dante Duclaric) and Bride Cameron.

#172 (#108) The Romantic ~ Madeline Hunter

Book 5 - The Seducer Series

Julian Hampton and Penelope, Countess of Glasbury (sister of Virgil and Dante).

4 star read.

#171 (#107) - The Charmer ~ Madeline Hunter

Book 4 - The Seducer Series

Adam Burchard and Sophia Rughley.

5 Star read

#170 (#106) The Sinner ~ Madeline Hunter

Book 3 of the The Seducer Series

Dante Duclaric (brother of Virgil) and Miss Fleur Monley.

4.5 star

#169 (#105) - The Saint ~ Madeline Hunter

Books 2 in the Seducer Series

Virgil Duclaric and Miss Bianca Kenwood.

Another one that I need to play catch up with as it's on the other Kindle.

#168 (#104) - The Seducer ~ Madeline Hunter

Book 1 - Seducer Series

Daniel St John and Diane Albert.

Sorry no review as I am so far behind....will play catch up with it though as it is on the other Kindle.

#167 (#103) bizarre one about the bank vice president

I need to add title and author for this one, but it's on the other kindle ... so it will have to wait.

Sue and Jake

3.5 Star read ----- oddly written, but strangely endearing with many inconsistencies, but give it a go.

#166 (#102) - Dangerous in Diamonds ~ Madeline Hunter

Book 4 - Rarest Blooms Series


Duke of Castleford and Daphne.

Daphne was the founder of the Rarest Blooms sanctuary and business. She's cool, calm and virtuous so why would the wickedly sinful Duke of Castelford fix on her?

A wonderful, wonderful read.

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

WOYWW - nothing exciting to see here

**  Dangers of having two blogs, just posted this on the wrong one, will copy over to the correct one.

Sunday, 25 September 2011

#165 (#101) - Sinful in Satin ~ Madeline Hunter

Book 3 - Rarest Blooms Series

Celia Pennifold daughter of famous Courtestan Alessandra Northrope and Jonathan Albrighton a friend of Alessandra.  He's illigitmate too and a Government spy.

A 4 Star read.

#164 (#100) - A Lady of Expectations ~ Stephanie Laurens

ISBN:  978-0-7783-0228-5

It pains me to say this, as usually it just has to have her name on the book to entice me to read it, but this book was dull, dull, dull and only rated a 2 stars ... sorry!  Got to rate like I see it.

It probably is a required need in the story of the Lester's (I believe that this is book 2 .... I haven't read book 1 yet, but am assured that it's much better) - so read this but with the warning that it rally is a bit dull and you might be bored.

Jack Lester has acquired a vast fortune, and now needs to acquire a wife ... and only a golden headed one will do apparently .... so he whilst nobody is aware of his fortune he has stalked the ton's entertainment, but come up short.

The re-group and re-assess he goes hunting and finds just what he wants at a local ball .... Sophie Winterton.  She's poor and needs a rich husband, and whilst she also feels the strong attraction is convinced that they can only be friends as apparently poor Jack must find a rich wife!


Monday, 19 September 2011

#163 (#99) - Sealed Secrets ~ Jessica Blair *NEW AUTHOR

ISBN:  978-0-7499-3986-1

I didn't hold up much hope for this new book, but it was surprisingly nice to read once I settled down to a new author's way of writing.  Probably it was worth a 3.5 star rating, and I would definitely read more she has to offer.

Two concurrent stories running that merge nicely at the end.

The first is that of Besty Palmer and her relationship with mine employee Jim Fenwick.

The second is that of Robert Addison and his internal fight with himself when he finds out something about his father that he assumes would be scandalous if it got out.  The only way open to him is to leave his blossoming love for a family friend, Adele Jordan, along with his life and try to disappear.


#162 (#98) - Strand of Dreams ~ Audrey Howard

Molly O'Dowd's happy childhood is left behind after the Great War with the dead of her father and brothers.  She's therefore foreced to make her own way in the world.

She is always drawn to a special place a great house called known as Meddins, and this is where she meets the owner of the factory she works in, Tim Broadbent.

He's inherited the mill after his older brothers were killed in the war, and the shock killed his father, but is not untouched himself, as he has terrible panic attacks when faced with loud noises or intense pressure.

He's captivated by Molly, and she has been half in love with him since she saw him where she was a small girl.  Unusually, Tim offers to marry her and she is catapulted into a new and luxrious life ... and it seems very one of her dreams has come true.

The is only one fly in the ointment though, she met Tim's cousin for the first time at the alter when she married, and felt an overwhelming desire for him.

Joss Greenwood felt that desire too, and it's not long before they cannot hide their true feelings.

What will become of Tim, or the love that Molly and Joss have?

A 3.5 star read, not her best work but enjoyable nonetheless.


#161 (#97) - Provocative in Pearls ~ Madeline Huter

ISBN:  978-1-4084-9292-4

When the Earl of Hawkeswell's bride fled the Wedding Reception, he was left in a very difficult position.  He had agreed to the marriage of convenience for cold hard cash to put his beleaguered estate back in the black.  Now his wife had disappeared, but he couldn't get his hands on her money, nor could he believe that he would have to wait 7 years for her to be declared dead, after her veil was found in the river on the wedding night.  He was having the devil's own job getting an inquest before then, and running out of money fast.

So he decided to take up his friend, Lord Summerhays, up on an offer for a few days away in the countryside to take some time to relax and try to forget this misfortune.

Little did he know that he would find his errant bride hiding out at the Rarest Blooms, masquerading as Lady Audrianna Summerhays's friend, Lizzie.

He takes charge of his wife, but grants her a stay of execution as it where of not consummating the marriage until after the trip to the country on the proviso that she grants him three kisses a day.

Poor Verity's freedom is now curtailed, but will she fight her return to a loveless marriage, or offer the Earl a way out that will give him the funds he needs, and will see manage to find the man she loves?

A 4.5 star read, with an exciting chance to find out more about the Rarest Blooms, and speculate about the future books in the series.  Highly recommended - I've just downloaded the other books on the Kindle as I can't wait to see what happens.


When Miss Verity Thompson

Saturday, 17 September 2011

#160 (#96) Ravishing in Red ~ Madeline Hunter *NEW AUTHOR

ISBN:  978-1-4104-2771-7

Audrianna Kelmsleigh is desparate to clear her dead father's name, and so she risks all to travel to Brighton to meet the mysterious "Domino".  Lord Sebastian Summerhays also travels to the inn to meet the Domino, but he has a different agenda because he is heading up the investigation into the bad gunpowder supplies that Mr Kelmsleigh was suspected to have supplied.

Audrianna finds herself alone and in the dark with Lord Sebastian, a shot is fired and it sets the seal on their fate.....she is ruined and he offers her a way out, but will she take it, and why would he find her so Ravishing in Red?

Find out if her father is cleared, and if fates have conspired to give them the best outcome in a forced marriage in this 5 star read.  Personally, I thoroughly enjoyed this new author, and can't wait to read the rest of the tales in the Rarest Blooms series, and get my hands on anything else she's written.


#159 ~ Duchess by Night

Duchess By Night (Desperate Duchesses, #3)Duchess By Night by Eloisa James

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Desperate Duchess Series #Book3

Another in the Duchess series, this time about Harriet, Duchess of Berrow. Her husband, Benjamin had committed suicide after a chess game with the Duke of Villiers and she'd spent a long time in mourning.

At a party given by Jemma, Duchess of Beaumont she decides to be the forlorn widow no longer and persuades the Duke of Villiers to take her to a house party with Isidore, Duchess of Cosway. Only to avoid scandal is going disguised as a young male relative of Villiers (Harry Cope).. What could go wrong?

Lord Strange is well used to unusual happenings at his house parties, but he is used to not questioning his own sexual appetites, therefore when he starts to find the young Harry Cope more than attractive he begins to worry - especially as he has promised the Duke of Villiers to help make a man of young Harry, and therefore has to spend a lot of time with him.

Will his identify be found out?

A 4.5 star read all the way. I really loved it, and the doubt cast in Lord Strange's own mind was really well written and a different angle.

Product Details:

I borrowed a copy from the Library, but if you fancy giving this one a try, you can get a copy of it HERE.



Wednesday, 31 August 2011

#158 (#94) The Last Hellion ~ Loretta Chase (Kindle)

The Last Hellion

Read on the Kindle some time ago.  Aide memoire

Vere Mallory Duke of Ainswood and Lydia Grenville, journalist aka Lady G?

I need to write this up, please excuse this for the time being.

#157 (#93) When the Duke Returns ~ Eloisa James

When the Duke Returns

ISBN:  978-0-340-9610-0

5+ star

Simeon  Duke of Cosway has been away exploring the source of the Blue Nile (and other exoctic places) for a very long time.  In the meanwhile he allowed himself to be married by proxy to Lady Isoidore when she was 12 years old.

He's never met her, but decides to return and collect a "stray package" from a houseparty at the notorious Lord Strange's country estate.  That "stray package" is in fact his wife.

He finds a mountain of debts and a huge stink, and having never met his wife it would be expected that they would be hard pressed to make a go of their marriage, let alone anything else.


#156 (#92) - Slightly Dangerous ~ Mary Balogh *RE-READ

Slightly Dangerous

A re-read that I simply could not put down today - I've been terribly lazy and hung around enjoying the last embers of the school holiday .... actually it gout 5+ from me last time, but probably even better the second time around.

Original post HERE.