Monday, 14 July 2014

#453 ~ The Burial of Thebes

The Burial at Thebes: A Version of Sophocles' AntigoneThe Burial at Thebes: A Version of Sophocles' Antigone by Seamus Heaney

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A year ago I would have laughed heartily and long if anyone had told me I'd give one of the Classics A 5 star review.

It is one of the book's on the Open University AA100 The Arts past and present module, and I had been ambivalent at best, so when my Amazon package arrived I just thought it would be a quick flick through. How wrong could one girl be?

From the first word I was hooked. Seamus Heaney has done the most excellent job of making this Classic readable, and more importantly understandable and interesting.

I can't wait to get a deeper understanding of the text as my course goes on.

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Thursday, 10 July 2014

#452 ~ New Beginnings

New BeginningsNew Beginnings by Fern Britton

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Reading time at the moment is a precious, precious thing, and therefore I was surprised to find out that this book by Fern Britton was 400 pages long; it seemed like a quick read.

I'm not suggesting or one moment that the quality was tip-top/first class/top drawer, but it was sufficiently okay.

I was intrigued to see how a fairly well known Z list celeb would handle the change to writer ... they all seem to be doing it don't they? ... and was actually pleasantly surprised.

I can't say that I would actively seek out more of her work, but if I ever get the chance to lounge by a pool, this would be the kind of un-demanding read that would make a perfect read a bit, sip a bit, read a bit more.

Product details

400 pages; Kindle Download; Contemporary, Romance

I borrowed an electronic copy from my local Library and used Overdrive to read it on Baby (Kindle Fire HD).

The good ... the bad ... the ugly

Good:  With a Kindle fire, borrowing ebooks from the local library is a breeze with the Overdrive app.  However, it does limit features such as bookmarking.

The standard of grammar was acceptable.

Bad:  Nothing outright bad I am pleased to report.

Ugly:  A few formatting errors, for example missing capital letters at the start of chapters etc.  Not many.

Happy reading.


#451 - Bitten ~ Anna Wolfe

Bitten (The First Book of Bitten by Anna Wolfe

My rating: 1 of 5 stars

Sorry, not for me, I didn't even manage to make it past the first chapter.

It gave the impression of a poorly written fan fiction, and left me colder than a witch's backdoor step.

My reading time is precious recently, and it failed to inspire.

Product Details

It featured as a DSOA pick in early'ish 2013; Kindle download.

The Good ... the bad ... and the ugly

Failing to inspire the use of reading time as it did, I can't comment.

Happy reading.