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#370 ~ Crypto-Punk

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Summer school wasn't supposed to end with a bang-but when the Zero Avenue kids bring Bixby Elementary's water tower down during a class experiment gone wrong, they find their troubles are just beginning. 

Join Drew, Clementine, Grady, Newton, and Spider as they unravel the threads of an arcane conspiracy that blurs the line between science and magic, between friends and enemies, and draws them into an adventure that tests their character, and their loyalties to each other. 

Fight along side them as they defend their school, and their neighborhood, from the growing menace of the Crypto-Punks.

Product Details:

Paperback copy, which I received from the Author, George via the First Reads Scheme on Good Reads.

207 pages in length.

You can also purchase it as a Kindle download HERE, and it's currently listed at 77p.

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I was very lucky to be provided with a copy of this book to Review via the First Reads Scheme on Good Reads.

Amazon doesn't appear to have a classification for this, but after reading I have come to the conclusion that it's aimed at the Late Teens/Young Adult market.  That having been said, as a fully formed adult of advanced years I enjoyed.

My 15 year old has asked if she could read it too, and I'm looking forward to hearing her thoughts on it.  It may well appeal to early teens as well.

A seriously cool cover .... we both loved it, and an interesting plot that moved along at a reasonable pace.  It was written in a compartmentalised fashion, but it didn't detract from the reading.

Actually, there were lovely little bits of humour scattered here and there, and I adored the lovely Lazy-Eye Susan character.

There were a few errors in the book (which I will detail below).  Whilst they weren't major it would be nice to see them changed if at all possible.  Obviously, the bug bears are just that for me personally.

Under my new rating system introduced this month the rating for this read is:

4 Star

I enjoyed it, but it didn't blow my mind.  Give it a try, I'd love to hear what you think of it.

Errors and Bug Bears:

As mentioned above I found a few errors, which it would be lovely to see fixed.

I also had a couple of bug bears, which are only points that niggled me, but might not worry anybody else.

I'll list the errors first:

Page 43 - "Drew didn't see any spider webs, which meant that the stairs used frequently." Missing word - stairs were used.

Page 56 - " the L-train that alongside our block".  Missing word - runs alongside.

Page 77 - "He bend down to pick up the quarter, but got waved him off".  Confused end of sentence it should be either but got waved off or he waved him off.

Page 97 - "Post-hypnotic suggestion ...".  Italic needs to be removed on last letter of suggestion.

My Bug Bears were:

Page 33 - "They lit the candles and sat inside the smiley face, their hands jointed.  Susan led them in intonation."  I felt that incantation would have scanned better, but that's just me.  Strictly speaking intonation is correct.

Page 76 - "Tires".  American spelling I know, but it grates on me, and I like to see tyres, it's just my own prejudice.

The total page count showing on Goods Reads for this book was 214, but the book has 207 pages.  It would be nice to see this corrected, but it is a really minor point.



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