Review Policy & Books Waiting for Review

Kay Bolton aka Toodles Book Club Blog will accept any requests to review books on this site from publishers and authors. All reviews will be cross-promoted on Twitter, Goodreads, Facebook, Amazon (UK.  I am also happy to cross=promote on Smashwords if required. 

However, it is important to note this is on the basis it is understood my reviews will my own honest opinion, and that it is as time permits ... this is my hobby after all, not paid employment.

I have a fairly high level of review requests, and try to accommodate most requests. Sometimes, although it's rare, I may decline a review if I feel that the book simply isn't right for me.

I will though try to prioritise books submitted for review before my own personal reading. 

I would prefer to accept any review copies either via MOBI or paperback , but am happy to receive hardback/paperback copies if that is not possible.  If you would like to send me an Amazon link and relevant voucher code to obtain an e-book, please could you ensure that it is for Amazon UK site where possible.

On I have posted my review I will notify you.

Thank you so much for taking the time to consider Toodles Book Club Blog for your review requirements

Please note: I quite often have authors sending me their attached eBooks, please be aware, however, that this doesn't constitute acceptance of a review being written.  In this case I will let you know if I accept the book for review.

My genres of preference: Historical, Romance, Family Saga, Drama, Paranormal, Young Adult, Science Fiction and Time Travel.

My lest favourite genres: Whilst I am willing to review most genres, I really do not like Religious Non-fiction and prefer not to review self-help books unless I have a specific interest.  It is always worth contacting me to discuss it though.

Preferred format: MOBI format, paperback or hardback.

Time frame: I endeavour to read and review as quickly as possible, but please be aware it may take several weeks for your review to appear.  Although, I am willing to consider urgent reviews (there is a charge of £5.00 in this respect, but please be aware that I will still provide an honest review, you would only be paying for a small proportion of my time.  I will always be honest about a book. 

I can be contacted at (or alternatively for your review requests.  It makes it easier for me to identify a request if you would please include "Request for Review" in the subject box.

Blog tours, promos, author interviews & guest posts are always most welcome. Copies of books for giveaways, or anything else, are always gratefully received.  Please contact me if you wish to discuss this.

The Star rating system I use:

1 Star - I did not like it.
2 Stars - It had potential, but fell short (I try to verbalise why I feel it fell short).
3 Stars - It was an Okay read
4 Stars - It was a good read, but it didn't blow my mind.
5 Stars - I loved this book, and highly recommend it.
5+ stars - An awesome book

DNF - Did Not Finish - sometimes I come across a book that I simply cannot finish (although it is rare).  I will mark these DNF:  it could be that it either offended me, bored me or was of a very poor quality.  However, I will always explain in the blog post the reason why I marked it as such.  I will endeavour to go back over my previous posts and change the grading as appropriate (as time allows).

Up until 25th June 2013 I have sometimes used half stars, but feel now it's appropriate to move to a full star rating in line wish Amazon, Good Reads, etc.  In the review I make every effort to explain why I have given a particular book the rating it received. 

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this policy and considering Toodles Book Club Blog for your reviews.



Below you will see the List of Books that are currently waiting for Review - I will try to keep this list up to date as far as possible given the workload.  For the order that they are due to be completed, please click on the "Curated" Tab.


  1. Hello Kym,

    Has your e-mail address (as given above) changed? I have been trying to contact you with a Review Request but the e-mails keep bouncing back.

    Hope to hear from you soon.


    1. Thank you for leaving a comment the email address is or alternatively

      I don't always reply right away as I have a large list of books to review, but I will contact you asap.