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#378 ~ Wild Angel

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Ronan was a legend among men...and the last thing he needed was a troublesome woman. Yet this fierce Irish warrior took a deathbed oath to protect a chieftain's rebellious daughter.

Triona was a hellion of a woman...who would let no man rule her. Raised in the ways of a warrior, she defied Ronan's every command. So he planned to marry her off, to be rid of the wild lass forever. But in the heat of battle--en flamed by her passionate spirit--Ronan decided he wanted this beautiful, impossible woman for himself!

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I got this as a free Kindle Download on 4th March, and at the time of writing this post it is still available for free at Amazon.  You can get a copy by clicking HERE.

334 pages

Book 1 in the O'Byrne Family Series

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I usually enjoy Miriam Minger, but sad to say this one didn't live up to others.

I can't find another way of expressing this nicely ...... it was boring.  I in fact on many occasions I was on tempted to put it down as DNF.

The plot went at a snails pace, the characters were superficial and the whole thing trite.  Sorry, Miriam, just not one of your best.

It would have been better to introduce the jeopardy of Triona's parentage much earlier in the plot, with perhaps a bit of kidnapping and attempted murder by her Uncle, with Ronan coming to her rescue.  Instead, any actin was packed into the last 15% of the book.

Trust me when I say I take no pleasure in saying any of the above, it just fell way short of my expectations when I read it.  In short, it was a lazy piece of work.


All I could award it would be at best be a generous:

3 Stars

A shame really, as the plot could have really been beefed up for a potential smashing read. 

Errors/Bug Bears:

Strangely not very much.  It was a fairly well delivered product other than my comments above.

48%:  The following was in bold for some, for what reason?   Was it a formatting error? "We'll be staying in Glenmalure for a few days.  My men need time with their families"

Happy reading



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