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#372 - Lucien's Fall

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Lord Lucien Esher is a renowned London rake who believes there is not a woman in the world who cannot be seduced--he is determined to prove it, come what may. 

Madeline is determined to save her treasured ancestral home and has no use for love or the tricks of an unredeemable scoundrel. Against her better judgement  however, she is powerfully drawn to the elusive and dangerous Lucien, whose hard-hearted fa├žade hides a tragedy that is slowly devouring him from within. 

As Lucien and Madeline circle each other in a magnetic play of desire and denial, their passion will rise to a crescendo of longing and sacrifice that will change their fates forever.

Product Details:

This was a free Kindle download I snagged in March 2013.

At the time of writing this post it's listed at £2.64 though.  You can get the download by clicking HERE.

Full length novel -  311 pages with except from another books at the end as bonus material.

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I wouldn't for one moment say that I didn't like this book, but it failed to engage me at any deep level - it may be that I'd had higher hopes from the description than the actual writing delivered.

By no stretch of the imagination was this ever going to be a Did Not Finish (DNF) though.

Having tried to analyse why it missed the mark a bit, I think it might have been that the characters were one dimensional, Lucien more than Madeline actually.

Also, Charles Devon need a kick up the rear .... he nearly had her at one point and with just a little bit more get up and go could have stolen her right out from underneath Lucien's nose ..... she really wanted him to prove that she should marry him and they could have a fulfilling marriage - I now feel for the silly boy, and hope he will go on to find somebody worthy of him.

See, that last sentence proved that the book had some of the elements of a great read .... the problem is that Charles wasn't the Hero.

The plot ebbed and flowed, sometimes towards downright boring, and sometimes to levels of good writing .... for me around about 43% to 50% was really well written.  Then it dropped off a bit, and then came back a little stronger just before the end.  Then the big disappointment, because it was a really weak ending.  Call me old fashioned I love an Epilogue, and this ending was ripe for one.

Giving it a bit of thought I think

3 Stars 

is an appropriate rating.  I would like to read something else by this Author to fully judge her body of work.

Errors/Bug Bears:

Surprisingly few for me.

32% - "I'll go change". - Missing conjunction again:  I'll go and change

Happy reading.


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