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#383 - Proper Secrets

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Proper Secrets is a love story set in an alternate Europe akin to the Regency England period. Truth and consequences are central to the book, for good and for worse. Emily Worthing is a strong-minded, practical country lady, determined to stay unwed and keep her independence. When the Wingraves move into Reddester Hall, Emily and the rest of the Worthings are challenged to keep their principles as day by day they grow to love a family that won't allow anyone close enough to find out their true purpose.
It takes no time at all for the Wingraves' troubles to follow them to Tripton in the form of Jude Annesley, a disowned man rife with depravity and disorder. Unable to fool Emily with false charm, Jude plots a course of revenge that will strip away all pretence, leaving no secret intact.

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I downloaded this as a free Kindle file in early March 2013.  At the time of writing this post though it is available HERE listed at £3.25.

364 pages.

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Oh dear, I hate it when this happens ... no reviews so far, and then my one isn't going to be a particularly flattering.  

The plot had potential, but unfortunately it just fell short by some margin, I found it to be a tad cumbersome.  The characters' too only appeared to have a very thin veneer of authenticity about them.

For the majority of the book, I simply read and waited for something ..... for goodness sake ........... anything to happen. Other than "oh I don't want to marry, I made a pact, you can't make me lose my independence, money, blah, blah, I'm better than being married, blah, blah, blah, I will never find somebody to love me as much as I love myself, blah, blah" - please love, get a grip!

In the end there was a short burst of pace and action around 60%, and then a little bit more towards the end, and then tailoring off to blandness again.

It could have been better, oh so very much better if the plot pace had a quicker, snappier pace.  

On a more happy and positive note, I was particularly pleased to read the Author's notes regarding the fact that it was historical, but in a Fantasy Land, albeit that it was called "Endland".  Perhaps a little more imagination could have been brought into play for that bit.  Although, I did enjoy the name of the neighbouring country!


Given my comments above, it really only earns

2 stars

* *

I would strongly urge a re-write to engender a little bit more interest, pace and jeopardy.  That in, and of itself, might give a little bit more of flesh to the bones of the characters, and stop all the repetitive whining about the main protagonists situation.

If this was an end of term report for this novel, it would "could try harder" written in the comment box.  However, there would also be a B+ mark for relative neatness of work (see errors/bug bears below).

Errors/Bug Bears:

Other than the quite obvious difference between written English, and written American, i.e. "go visit, "go see", "gotten", etc.  there were very few actual mistakes, or bug bears (which is quite refreshing).

29% - "Everyone in Emily' acquaintance ..." - Emily's.

34% - "A lifetime of of restraint?" - A life time of restraint.



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