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#384 - The Devil Rogue

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In a moment of desperation, Angela Hopkins agrees to a scandalous bargain with a man she’s never met. Ian Moreland, the Viscount Blackridge, has a reputation as a dangerous man, and also happens to be one of the most notorious rakes in London. He becomes suspicious following the mysterious death of a close friend, and vows to take revenge on the ones he believes responsible: The Baron Eberly, and his beautiful pampered daughter, Miss Angela Hopkins.

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I downloaded this for free in March 2013, but at the time of writing this post it is available for £2.56 HERE.

244 pages in length

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I found this to be a sweet story, that was reasonably paced, and for a refreshing change the characters were interesting, and most of all believable.

I particularly liked the way the servants' were written, and there was a very nice scene towards the end when they subdued Baron Eberly.

The only piece that I didn't find satisfactory was the character of Viola, and the fact that she had very mentions and then it was all quickly explained away as a ghostly experience .... that could certainly have been dispensed with altogether.

As is usually the way, there were some errors, but they weren't major, and are listed in the Error/Bug Bear section below.


I liked this well enough to discount the errors, and therefore it's being given

5 Stars 


Errors/Bug Bears:

Through out the book there should have been initial capital letters, for things like Baron, Mother, Father, Viscountess, Society, Son, etc.

4%: "cuss words" - I'm not sure that swear words wouldn't have been more appropriate within the historical context of this book.

4%: "I was just about to come get you myself" - come and get you.

11% "This time he tossed the contents into the trash bin" - rubbish bin in England.

20%: "Now let's go pick out those dresses" - now let's pick out those dresses; or perhaps now, let's go and pick out those dresses.

23%: "acclimate" - North American use that gets on my pip, the English acclimatize is more attractive within an historical context.

23%: "At least she had successfully gotten his permission to make her own gowns ...." - please don't use "gotten" it's grammatically incorrect.  It would have been better to use: at least she had gained his permission to make her own gowns.

35%: "champaign" - incorrect as this is the French word for open countryside, the drink is spelt champagne.

45%:  "their skin glistening with heated with passion" - with heated with passion.

56%: "maneuvers" - this is probably the North American spelling, but the English version manoeuvres feels better in an historical context.

86%: "It just doesn't sound like some thing he'd say, is all" - is all is totally superfluous.



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