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I do want to try and push the boundaries of the reading experience, and I've therefore been thinking about featuring this one for some time.  I'm not particularly religious, and I don't generally go out of my way to pick books that are religious.  However, after I read the description for the book it struck me that it was quite a unique idea, and I've been wondering if the author's attempt at it was any good.

So, cutting to the chase I have decided to feature it after all:

What if a seed from that original Tree, from that original Garden (that same Tree from which Eve was said to have partaken) was discovered? What if that seed must be held beneath the tongue for a year and a day before it would sprout? What if that sprouted seed grew into a Tree, and what if that Tree bore fruit? What if we could taste that fruit and know? 

Now, open your mouth and close your eyes, and humankind will get a big surprise....

I appreciate that it won't be for everyone, but if you feel that you'd like to give it a chance click HERE to download.  There have only been 6 Reviews so far, but they seem balanced and it has earned an average of 4.5 stars, so it can't be all bad!

By the way I'm no longer going to include "*NEW AUTHOR" at the top of any relevant post, I will be adding it under the classification for the book below the cover image.  I think I will also stop including it in the label as well, which will save me a little bit of time.

On Amazon today my rating is (<) to 4,552. I suppose that I'm still heading in the right direction, but very slowly now. I would love to get to the top 1,000 Reviewers' some day ....... so if you find the Daily Kindle Downloads info useful please go over to my Reviews on Amazon and leave me some positive feedback  on some of my reviews (which helps my rating, and will earn you my grateful thanks).



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