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#373 ~ Five Kisses

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If you love Regencies with humor, wit, and fun, Downton Abbey and Jane Austen you’ll love The Five Kisses! This is the first book in the Sweet Deception Regency series and there's lots more to come. The question in The Five Kisses is: can the daughter of a professor with a very small estate interest the heir to an Earl in not just love but marriage? When 13 year old Chad stands up to a bully and rescues a kitten, Gillian saves him from a beating. A thank you kiss surprises them both. If she was older than 9, she might have fallen in love with him right there. But then…" The journey from friendship to love in this traditional Regency will warm the heart of any reader. 

Product Details:

I picked up a free Kindle download of this in March this year, and at the time of writing this post it's still available as a free Kindle download HERE.

I would class this as more of a short story than a Novella.

78 pages - 172 KB.

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This was over in the blink of an eye ... no sooner started than it was gone .... which actually, was a real shame as it was an absolute delight.

Sometimes a piece of writing acts as an amuse bouche for the Author's other pieces of work, and this is the case here.

Karla Darcy provided me with a sweet and refreshing and happy piece of literature, and left me wanting more, much, much more of her work.

Check it out.


As short as it was, it could earn no less than:

5 Stars

Errors/Bug Bears:

Not a single one.  Kudos to Karla for delivering a great quality product.



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  1. Thanks for the lovely review. I feel honored that you liked it. You thought it was too short and maybe it was but it was the vision that I had for the story. I just wanted to give the reader a taste of this relationship. And it was the first story that I wrote. Happy reading.