Friday, 31 January 2014

Useful Product for Touch Screen Users

10 x Universal Touch Screen Pen Stylus for Phone, Tablet or Kindle

I would have written this review before, but they accidentally fell into my Mother-in-laws handbag when the Postman came to call .... at least, that's what she has been telling me!

Plenty of pens for this exceptional price ... which means I can spread them around the house, car, office and various handbags with joyous abandon. Lovely colours too.

The only less than positive comment I have, and I must stress that it is a personal one, is the pen clip bit, which I find a bit of a nuisance. I would love to see this product with some kind of hole at the top that it can be clipped onto a lariat.

I cannot stress enough the importance of reading Amazon's reviews: doing so, made sure I didn't drop £15.99 for one pen, and went for these pretties.

They are available HERE on Amazon - listed at £3.35 plus free UK Delivery. 

Actually, I think I might just order some more at that price.

Happy Tableting.



#418 ~ Internet Marketing Crash Course

Internet Marketing Crash Course - Make Money Online With These Proven Internet Marketing StrategiesInternet Marketing Crash Course - Make Money Online With These Proven Internet Marketing Strategies by Success Sculpting Coach

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Useful little workbook to work through to help quantify where you need to work on your internet marketing strategies.

If you are looking for a step-by-step guide, then this isn't for you, but as a aide memoire or strategy worksheets then this will do you quite nicely.

I found quite a few things that helped my thinking; consequently putting my ducks in a row.

It will be something to re-visit from time to time.

3 stars for this okay read.

Product Description:

This was another Daily Selection on Amazon (DSOA) from April 2013, when it was free.  You can get a copy HERE:  listed at £2.01 for the Kindle Download.  If you have  no prior knowledge about internet marketing, it might be worth your while to pick a copy up, afterall it's only the cost of a packet of biscuits.

Error/Bug Bears:

Nothing worth noting.

Happy reading.



Tuesday, 28 January 2014

#417 - Forget Me Not

Forget Me NotForget Me Not by Melissa Lynne Blue

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Three positive things about this book: it had a sweet ending, some portions were nicely written and a lovely cover.

Apart from that I'm afraid that the punctuation towards the beginning was terrible; in the main it lacked focus and drive and the standard of English was poor, with lots of errors and bug bears.

A disappointing 2 stars from me; definitely a book I will forget.

Product Details:

I am ashamed to say this was a DSOA featured book last April, picked mainly because of the lovely cover.  

It is available HERE at a listed Kindle price of 77p.  Is it worth the money, I would say not.

326 pages
Fiction, Historical, Romance
Indie Writer (Self-published)
No overt sexual content

Errors/Bug Bears:

Loc 24:   ... she always managed to spill on it - a sentence such as this holds up my point nicely I believe.

Loc 305: She would write her grandmother every day - ditto

Loc 347:  ... he'd thought to secure permission to writer her - ditto

Loc 750:  ... I just cannot seem to wrap my head around any of what's happened to us - I like my "historical" fiction to be authentic, that is not!

Loc 442: He scowled.  ignored him - despite re-setting my Kindle countless times this seems to be a formatting error.

Loc 1850: - The bungalow was cozy - bungalow is an Indian word at the time of the British Raj I believe; not appropriate in this context.

Loc 2114:  It feels as though an entire caravan ran over me - I would question the use of "caravan".

Loc 2131:  ... pistol from his pants - pants is not an historically correct term, if you are going to write in this genre do the research.

Loc 4093:  Go await the magistrate or something useful - by now it will be perfectly clear about much I abhor this kind of sentence structure.

Loc 4285:  go wait on the balcony - ditto

Loc 4377:  ... your feet feel like ice sickles - I would argue it should be icicles, but it may be a difference between Standard English and North American English.

Loc 4702:  ... murder you and leave your body on the moors for the wolves - the sentence should have a comma inserted, and also "wolves" is historically incorrect:  research, or lack of it, lets this piece of work down yet again.

Loc 4857:  A consortium of multicoloured pedals kissed the glow of her skin - multi-coloured and it should be "petals" (actually pedals used instead of petals is common with North American written English for some reason, it could be a pronunciation error that leads to it.

Loc 5217:  ... finally convinced her to rest a spell - such an unattractive choice of wording.

Happy reading.



Sunday, 26 January 2014

#416 ~ A Guide to Positive Mental Health

A Guide To Positive Mental HealthA Guide To Positive Mental Health by Caroline Elwood-Stokes

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

A copy of this book was provided to me via the First Reads Scheme on GoodReads in return for an honest review.

So, in the spirit on honesty, I will disclose that I didn't read every word of this work from cover to cover. I read a goodly portion though.

It was well written, and I'd concur with the author in that there are definite benefits to physical exercise in general, but it is particularly beneficial when there is any depression or mental issues involved.

Highly recommended if you are involved in sport sport, or have an interest in treating depression etc.

Product Description:

As mentioned above, I was provided with a free copy of this book, but you can obtain it HERE.  Paperback version only at £8.99, and at the time of writing this post is is reduced with free delivery.

142 pages
Consilience Media (July 2013)
None-Fiction, Self-Help

Errors/Bug Bears:

None found

Happy reading.


#415 ~ The History Keepers: Circus Maximus

The  History Keepers: Circus MaximusThe History Keepers: Circus Maximus by Damian Dibben

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Book #2: The History Keepers Series

I was very kindly provided with a copy of this book via the First Reads Scheme on GoodReads: in return for an honest review.

Without a doubt this is one the best books I've read in quite a long time.

It's like historical adventure, with a time travel twist. There are sparkling nuggets of humour and really believable characterisation by this author.

I believe that this is Book #2 in the Series, and I can't wait to get my hands on the first book now. I can guarantee that any future books will be snapped up; I need to know what happens.

Product Details:

As mentioned above, I was lucky enough to receive a copy of this book via the First Reads Scheme on GoodReads.

Please go HERE to obtain a copy of this fabulous book.  Kindle version is listed for £3.59 and the paperback £5.03.

Please see the "Review by Series" page for information on the series.

483 pages
Published by RHCP Digital (August 2012)
Fiction, Fantasy, Time Travel, Action and Adventure
No significant sexual content

Errors/Bug Bears:


This was a superbly delivered quality product.

Thursday, 23 January 2014

#414 ~ Myth of the Moongoddess

Myth of the Moon Goddess: The Aradia Chronicles-Books One, Two, and ThreeMyth of the Moon Goddess: The Aradia Chronicles-Books One, Two, and Three by April Rane

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The Aradia Chronicles Books#1, 2 & 3

This was featured as of one of my DSOA's in April 2013.

Purely from a personal point of view, the author made the mistake of putting the Author's Notes at the beginning of the book. Normally, I only tend to read them if I have really enjoyed their work, but as it was presented as the first thing I saw, it was duly read.

I do feel that it coloured my perception of the plot for quite a few chapters. The Notes came across as pretentious and condescending ... although I am not sure if the author intended that ... it was just the way I saw it.

When I looked finally looked beyond; I gained a little more enjoyment.

The plot was a little slow in places, but there this was made up by some quite nice passages sprinkled here and there.

That having been said, I still don't think it was for me, and won't be pursuing the rest of the series. I have come to the conclusion (back up by my husband frequently) that I am a shallow thinker with a deep end half the depth of a puzzle. Therefore, for me this was a 3 star read. The more cerebral/spiritual reader may get more out of it than I. Give it a go; make up your own mind if it is for you.

Product Description:

Another DSOA from April 2013, which I have only recently got around to reading.  It's listed HERE for 77p for the Kindle download - not bad I hear you say - and an unbelievable £13.29 for the paperback.

A Box Set of 3 Books
378 pages in all
Fiction, Fantasy, Myth and Magic
Indie (Self) Published by April Rane
A small amount of sexual content

Errors/Bug Bears:

Loc 176: sharewith - space required

Loc 177: myheart - space required

Loc 835:  Her own held secrets and enigmatic mysteries of old flowed through her finger tips as she placed the leaf in Aradia's hands - this needs to be punctuated

Loc 1016: drug her out of the cabin - dragged

Loc 1136:  it does not come natural to them - naturally

Loc 1269:  prison guards had gotten sick - the prison guards had been taken ill

Loc 1753:  She had her own plans to fatten her up; put some meat on her bones cause she's too thin, said the cook, who had been at the villa for thirty years - mmmm, punctuation, speech marks and work on the entire sentence structure required.

Loc 2194:  seat next to the captain of ship in which she had been a captive on - change sentence structure.

Loc 2748:  huddles - hurdles

Loc 2820:  her son as he ate a hardy meal - hearty

Loc 3521:  although she had never showed her temper in front of Eurynome - shown

Loc 4147:  you go look at the dress - you go and look at the dress

Loc 4157:  Myrina wished only be a wife - only to be 

Loc 4938:  And he had been fool-hearty - fool hardy

Happy reading.


Monday, 20 January 2014

#413 ~ Unwilling (Highland Historical)

Unwilling (The MacLauchlans, #2)Unwilling by Kerrigan Byrne

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

MacLauchlan Series #2

Please note that this was a re-read for me - I had previously read this book as part of the Trilogy Box Set on Kindle.  I enjoyed it so much the first time, that I thought I might as well have another go!

One word (still) sums this up ..... AWESOME.

Without a doubt of the best modern writing I have come across in some time.

Smoothly written with a flowing plot ... the plot is a little formulaic across the series, but nonetheless it didn't detract at all from the overall experience. I can't actually remember seeing any spelling, editorial or grammatical errors, but remain fairly unnoticed amongst the whole entity of this creation.

If you find the time to read anything this year, make it this. Even though it's not available as a free download any more, I would still happily pay the price requested to read something this good.

Kerrigan Byrne should be heartily congratulated and celebrated for the creation of this stunning piece of literature.

What more can I say .... I want a Beserker!

5+ star rating all the way.

Product Details:

You can download a copy HERE, I was lucky enough to get it as a free Kindle download both times (the box set, and then the second book), and they were featured as DSOAs'.  The current listed price for the single Kindle file for this particular book is £2.03, and the Box Set is available HERE for a listed price of  £3.83.  You don't need to be a mathematical genius to work out that the Boxed Set is much better value for money.

Single Kindle book is 92 pages
Historical Romantic Fiction
Some sexual content - a huge hulking brute of a hero too
Published by Ardent Publishing (April 2013)

Error/Bug Bears:

Excellently delivered product with no problems to report.



Sunday, 19 January 2014

#412 ~ Thie Whiskey Tide

The Whiskey TideThe Whiskey Tide by M. Ruth Myers

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was another of my DSOA picks back in mid 2013.

After the last two quite disappointing books, this was refreshing change.

It was well written, and relatively error free. The plot was enjoyable with a twist or turn here and there, with good quality writing displayed.

Having said that, I do feel the author took the safe option, and could have pushed herself further with both the characterisation and plot changes. Quite a bit of the time it felt as if she had taken a "safe" option, rather than really pushing her writing boundaries.

It had the the good bones of a good 4 star read, but could have been so much more. Obviously, I am bracing myself for the negative feedback that happens on Amazon reviews; which can be frustrating, as I just try to be constructive in my reviewing ... however, there is always an element of any society that does not accept honesty!

That having been said, I would read more by this author.

Product Details:

As mentioned above, I picked this up as a freebie Kindle download in April 2013, and featured it as a Daily Selection on Amazon at the time.  It is currently listed HERE for £2.70 as a Kindle download - which represents fair value for money.

398 pages
Historical fiction, with a romantic element
No overt sexual content
Published by Tuesday House (March 2013)

Error/Bug Bears:

It was relatively error free from memory (my Kindle is on charge upstairs, so I will have to amend this section if that wasn't correct).

Happy reading.



Saturday, 18 January 2014

#411 ~ Coexist

Coexist (Keegan's Chronicles #1)Coexist by Julia Crane

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Keegan's Chronicles #1

This one another one of my DSOA picks. I tried; I almost failed. This was very nearly a DFN (did not finish), but I battled on regardless.

Poor characterisation, poor plot progression and timing, but please bear in mind that this is just my own very humble opinion. What is one woman's mean is poison to her friend.

It just scored a 2 star rating from me, and I don't think I will bother to read any more by this author.

On a positive note, the cover that downloaded with my Kindle version, was very lovely - note to reader:  it wasn't this cover!

Product Details:

It was a DSOA back in April 2013 - yes, I am really that far behind!

You can download it HERE.  The listed Kindle price is 74p, which is actually fairly good value for money I suppose.

238 pages in length
Young adult fiction
Valknut Press (June 2011)

Errors/Bug Bears:

Page 16 - to*
Page 16 - spilled
Page 62 - they never heard from again
Page 65 - gotten
Page 74 - come talk*
Page 141 - Rourk wasn't a fan chaos and crowds
Page 143 - go grab*
Page 150 - gotten
Page 159 - go sit*
Page 203 - The law governing out battles battles - just not a happy sentence!

Happy reading.



#410 - While Angels Slept

While Angels SleptWhile Angels Slept by Kathryn Le Veque

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

A nice innocuous little historical romance.

I have to say the 'fiery passion' mentions in the book's description didn't come across too well for me.

I certainly wouldn't dismiss this author altogether ... I can't complain too loudly; it was Kindle freebie.

Product Details:

I featured this as a DSOA back in April 2013.  It's available HERE with a listed price for the Kindle file of £3.11.  The paperback is available HERE for £7.89

Errors/Bug Bears:

As I'm short of time, I will just add a list of location numbers.  Some of them, indicated with an asterix (*) are the difference between North American sentence structure and English, i.e. go carry; go fetch; go talk; etc.

Loc 271 - go speak *

Loc 1321 - Cantia's eyes were wide with concerned until she saw the fire.

Loc 1369 - Simon moved carry out his liege's orders.

Loc 1411 - Myles' gaze move from Tevin to Val and back again.

Loc 1801 - It amazing part was that she had done it whist Tevin ravaged her.

Loc 2258 - Though there was no longer any horrendous pain associate with the memory ...

Loc 3245 - go search * 

Loc 3259 - and he was very angry at his cousin

Loc 3910 - go find help *

Loc 4150 - take great pleasure your lingering and bloody death.

Happy reading.


Wednesday, 8 January 2014

#409 ~ Alexandria

AlexandriaAlexandria by John Kaden

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Centuries after the collapse of the civilised world as we know it, a peaceable forest tribe are murdered, their children and stolen and taken to what on the face of it could be a Utopian Society at the Nezran Temple.

However, all is not as it seems and their new world is built on lies, megalomania and tyranny, and is very much Dystopian.

The main protagonists, Jack and Lia, were childhood sweethearts, and many years later they manage to escape following a small raid by others. On the so called attackers gives them assistance to escape, put is horrendously tortured to find out where Jack and Lia have gone.

On the run from the young adults not only have to navigate their way through an alien and hostile environment, but have to follow the vague directions given to find the answer to all their questions. All of which has to be done whilst avoiding vicious foes and the Nezran Scouts out to kill them.

It was wonderfully paced, with nice twists, turns and glimpses of kindness and humanitarianism.

There was a downside though, and that was the cliff-hanging ending. I've just checked John Kaden's blog on GoodReads, and he announced in September 2013 that there will be a sequel eventually, so fingers crossed it won't take too long - this could definitely turn into a saga of epic proportions.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading of their travails, awarding 4 Stars. If I'd had the ability to give half star ratings, there is not doubt it would have been 4.5. Why not 5? Well, there were a few errors/bug bears that kept it off the top spot - please see the fuller Blog Post #409 in January 2014.

Can I just say that the cover artwork was stunning, and really says so much about the world that Jack and Lia inhabit. Kudos to the author for choosing it.

Product Details:

I featured this as a DSOA back in April 2013 - yes, I am that far behind with my WTR list!

You can download a copy HERE.

Listed price for the Kindle file is currently £2.56 - excellent value for money, and the paperback is £8.85.

444 pages
Indie Published by John Kaden the Author
Genre:  Fiction, Futuristic, Fantasy
No overt sexual content

Errors/Bug Bears:

Loc 1548:  The caravan curves around back of the Temple ...

This is a bug bear:  The caravan curved around behind the back of the Temple ... 

Loc 1878:  In the high cloistered dormitory, a group of new boys crowds around the thin windows.

It would have been better to use crowded around.

Loc 2140:  You used laughed at me all the time.

Correct to:  You used to laugh at me all the time.

Loc 2993:  A family of deer traipses through the grass....

It would have been better to used traipsed.

Loc 3486:  ...feeling a pang of desire to go be with them.

It's a difference between North American and Queen's English, it should really be:  ...feeling a pang of desire to be with them.

Loc 4638:  ...and asked us to come find you.

Again, the difference between North American and Queen's English, it should be:  ...and asked us to find you.

Happy reading.



Tuesday, 7 January 2014

#408 ~ Sweet Piracy

Sweet PiracySweet Piracy by Jennifer Blake

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

This was one of my DSOA picks on the Blog, way back in April 2013, and I've only just managed to find the time to read it.

I had been expecting more than it actually delivered I'm afraid .... it was a little too sweet, and the pace a little too slow and predictable for my taste - it felt like formulaic writing. Actually, a couple of times I really did think it would be a DNF, but I managed to get through it in the end.

On the plus side there were very few Errors or Bug Bears (if you don't know how I roll yet, they are always featured on my Blog in the fuller post).

It may be that this was not as good as some of Ms Blake's other books, and I may well try another to see if there is any improvement.

A sad and disappointing 2 Stars from me I'm afraid.

Product Details:

As mentioned above, this was a DSOA pick in April 2013, and can be found HERE.  The Kindle edition is currently listed at 77p and the paperback £8.50. I would say that the Kindle price of 77p is fairly reasonable value for money.

256 pages
Adult reading (no overt sexual content)
Published by Steel Magnolia Press (29 March 2013)
Fiction, Historical, Romance genre

Errors/Bug Bears:

Happily only a smattering.

Loc 551:  ...and with Anatole somewhat more nattily tamed out beside him ..

Correct to:  ...and with Anatole somewhat more nattily turned out beside him ..

Loc 1729:  ... his two sons, and their tutor rode horseback.

Okay, I admit this one is a bug bear rode horseback jarred, and seemed superfluous, just "rode" would have been sufficient.

Loc 1771:  ... French windows onto its dimly lighted expanse.

I would argue that it should be changed to:  ... French windows onto its dimly lit expanse.

Happy reading.



Saturday, 4 January 2014

#407 ~ Ignite

Ignite (Midnight Fire, #1)Ignite by Kaitlyn Davis

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Book #1 - Midnight Fire Series

I know that this was given 5 stars from others, but for me it was a tad on the dull side ..... it could be of course that I was bedevilled by the star rating given by others that made me have high expectations, or I'm very hard to please .... read it and let me know.

I don't think I'll bother with the remainder of the series.

Product Details:

You can download a copy HERE, I featured it back in April 2013 as a Daily Selection and it is still available free at the time of writing this post.

165 pages
Indie Published
Science Fiction, Fantasy, Paranormal genre
Adult (with no overt sexual scenes)

Errors/Bug Bears:

Loc 1827: He ate blood for crying out load.

Correct to:  He at blood for crying out loud.

Loc 2080:  to go find her friends.

I have mentioned it many times before, and yes I'm aware it is an North American affectation, but it should be:  go and find her friends.

Loc 2100:  let's go be evil.

Conjunctions please:  lets go and be evil.

Loc 2381:  gotten

Arghhhhh - deplorable use language.

Loc 2921:  Luke ran over, jumped at Diana and reach out his hands to strangle her...

Correct to:   Luke ran over, jumped at Diana and reached out his hands to strangle her...

** ** ** ** **

For some reason, GoodReads failed to pick up this book as a "Read", and therefore count it towards last year's total ... so lucky me, it is now going towards the 2014 target of 150 books.  I completely smashed through last year's target, but as we are due to move house and with college taking up quite a bit of time I decided to just keep to an easy enough figure.

Happy reading. and a very Happy New Year.