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#380 - All Aboard

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The Tompkins family intended to take a holiday aboard a cruise ship bound for the Carribean, stopping on the first leg in New York. Unfortunately, cats are not allowed on board a ship, so poor old Bonkers would have to spend the next three weeks at dear old Mrs McDonald's farm, with his two brothers Billy and Scruff and his sister Ginger. Bonkers was born there three years earlier. How could they possibly think about going on holiday and leaving me behind? Hmmm we will have to see about that thought Bonkers to himself.

Product Details:

I was lucky enough to be sent a copy of this book by the Author/Publisher to Review under the First Reads Scheme at Good Reads (which is part of the Amazon Family now).

It's available in paperback and listed for sale at £5.99.

Part of a series of book by this Author:

  • Boomerang (Book 1)
  • All Aboard (2) - Illustrated by Henryk Jackimeczyk
  • What a Circus (3)
120 pages in length and for I would say child's age range of between 7 and 10.

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It was such a refreshing change to read a children's book, and think back to when mine own kids were little. 

Would they have liked this book, no they wouldn't have liked it ....... they would have LOVED it.

Bonkers and crew were simply adorable, funny, and humorous.  Who wouldn't want to own him, or one of his brothers and sisters. 

As for the Tompkins family, they seem to have a genius for getting themselves in to (and out of) some remarkably funny situations.

The illustrations were also well done, and the whole book was put together beautifully.

I would say the age range for this book would be around 7 to 10 years for a child to read on their own, but younger children would certainly get lots from it too.  We always read to our children, and there is simply nothing like it for creating a parent/child bond and well as imbuing them with a sense of adventure and creativity and use of the written and spoken word.  My own childhood was so much richer for being introduced to books at an early age, and then being able to use reading as entertainment .... but we didn't have computer games back in the dark ages!


Looking at it from both a child's perspective, as well as that of an adult, I wouldn't hesitate to give this delightful, funny and adorable book the full works, and award:

5 stars


Errors/Bug Bears:

None what so ever.

Kudos to Paul, Henryk and all at Single Ply Publishing for producing a quality product.



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