Friday, 19 July 2013

#382 - Autumn's Flame

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One pregnant widow trapped in the sheriff's care and grieving for the frail son torn from her arms.  A knight, scarred in body and soul, and a wee lass who has lost all hope and heart.  They must learn to trust again if they are to save themselves from those plotting to destroy them.

Product Details:

I got this as a free Kindle download at the beginning of March 2013.  At the time of writing this post it is sadly not available free unless you are a Prime Member, but is listed at £2.07.  You can get you copy HERE.

388 pages in length (705 KB).

Book 4 in the Graistan Chronicles (sometimes known as the Seasons Series).  For details on the Series, please see the "Review by Series" page at the top of this Blog.

* * * * *


Even though this is Book 4 in the Series, without a doubt it can still be considered a standalone read.

I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it, and it had all the essential elements.

The plot was well paced, the characters interesting, honest and believable.  What was nice to see was how well the Author wrote not just about historical detail, but human frailty in all its good and ugly forms.

I will certain seek out the remainder of this series.


4 star read 

* * * *

Highly recommended by me if you want characters you can engage with, and a love story to warm your heart.

Errors/Bug Bears:

A few tiny errors, but my note book is not to hand, and it's nearly midnight .... so I will edit this later with the details.

Other than that Kudos to Ms Domning for such a quality piece of work.



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