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#386 ~ CATALYST: Book 1 in Ronos Trilogy

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The city of Northgate has just been attacked by aliens, and Mac Narrad's family is right in the middle of it. Searching through the rubble to find them, Mac discovers an awful truth.

The alien attack was fake. Orchestrated by the earth military that Mac is a part of. Now he must search the galaxy for answers. His quest leads him to the mysterious planet of Ronos. A secret planet hidden by Earth's military. A planet full of life, beauty, and a potential that could alter everything. There Mac finds answers that will change himself and the rest of humanity forever.

Product Details:

I was very kindly provided with a paperback copy of this book via the First Reads Scheme on Good Reads in return for an honest Review.

It is available on Amazon HERE as either a Kindle Download or a Paperback book.

316 pages in length.

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A paperback copy of this book was provided to me via the First Reads Scheme on Good Reads (part of the Amazon Family) in return for an honest review.

I have to say that not once was I bored reading this .... actually, it was a shame when it came to an end.  I now need to find out what happens next - does Mac manage to get to Lynn in time, does the heinous Raymond get his comeuppance, and will Janelle ever be freed from the Alien threat, oh and just who is the only man in Passage with an Imp?

All the above, along with a nicely paced plot, just confirms, that this was a really well crafted piece of literature.

I'm not sure how long it will be before the next instalment, but I need it!


There were a few typographical errors (which will be listed in the Errors/Bug Bear section below), which is why I've downgraded it by 1 star, but even so it still earns a worthy:

4 Stars

* * * * 

for this great Science Fiction read.  if I'd still been working in half stars, it would have been worth a 4.5 in anybody's language.

Well done to Tyler Rudd Hall for providing such a well-crafted tale, and here's hoping the next instalment will be ready soon.

Errors/Bug Bears:

Page 19:  "...he is still getting use to being referred to as ..." 

Correct to: ...... he is still getting used to being referred to as.

Page 22:  "The thing to do at the dinner became giving random toast to ridiculous things".

Correct to:  The thing to do at the dinner became giving random toasts to ridiculous things.

Page 28:  "The ship looked like the top half an oval".

Correct to:  The ship looked like the top half of an oval.

Page 32: ".... at a time when no one even no one even knew what it meant".

Correct to:  when no one even knew what it meant.

Page 33:  "People like Mac's grandparents who were already old and didn't want the Imp surgery consider themselves lucky".

Correct to:  People like Mac's Grandparents, who were already old and didn't want the Imp surgery, considered themselves lucky.

Page 68: "I won't be able to that again".

Correct to:  I won't be able to do that again.

Page 245:  "... that is given to the people who from there".

Correct to:  who are from there.

Page 263:  "If this was an alien ship, and the war was real, he would be under attack him by now".

Correct to:  he would be under attack by now.



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