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#387 - Tanaquill

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On a visit to London in 1802 Princess Tanaquill meets a stranger who brings her a glimpse of the love she'll never have in her arranged marriage.

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I got hold of this one as a free Kindle download back in March of this year, and at the time of writing this post it is still available free HERE.

260 pages approximately in length.

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You will definitely have to suspend normal thought process with this book.

It's billed as an historical romance, but other than the fact that it's set in years gone by, it's more fairy story than anything else.

I have to admit that I remain still a little bit confused by it in places.  At times it was muddled, and a little on the slow side.  Then the pace quickened, and it had quite an energy about it.  Some pieces of plot needed further clarification, but other bits were too vague.

Anyway, it's free at the moment, so why not try it and see what you think.  I'd love to know if I am the only one that felt that way about it.


It was okay, but not mind-blowing, on the whole fairly well written, but there were a couple of errors, so

4 Star


would the the way to go with this one.

Errors/Bug Bears:

There were a few throughout the book, in the main "princess" really should have had an capital letter at the beginning.

1%: "formalwear"

Correct to: formal wear.

86%: "Thousands of fairies, what had looked to him like fireflies ...".

Correct to:  Thousands of fairies, that had looked to him like fireflies ...".

I did notice a couple more, but didn't have the notebook to hand.



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