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#389 ~ Rescue Me Please

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After his father’s death, Parker Peregrine gave up his profligate ways to care for his siblings and take his rightful place as the Marquis of Ashford. For the past five years he has done everything in his power to cultivate a reputation of respectful dignity and to make up for a sin he didn't commit.

Now with his twin sisters’ married he is able to relax his diligent care for society’s niceties and begin to discover what he truly wants out of life. That is until the unexpected occurs— he finds himself the protector and savior of two delicate bundles of femininity who turn his life upside down.

Persephone Smith is running. Running until she feels she has enough distance from the darkness of her past. She is running not only to save her life, but that of her daughter. Since the death of her parents’ three years prior, she has been used and abused in the most appalling manner by men with daunting power and insatiable appetites for the forbidden leaving her a shadow of her former self. 

When she finally escapes, she finds herself an unexpected guest at Rosebriar and the recipient of Parker Peregrine's immense kindness and formidable capacity to safeguard those which are his.

Parker is fiercely determined to uncover the truth of Persephone’s past, while Persephone is unwavering in her determination to keep her past hidden. What Parker doesn't realize, is that by helping Persephone to overcome her fears he will be exercising his own demons. 

Thrown together by chance, will their growing respect and affection for one another be enough to leave the ruins of their pasts behind and to move forward to a future full of happily ever after?

The Prodigious Peregrines
Once you meet them you'll do anything to please them.

Product Details:

I got this as a free Kindle download in early March 2013, and it was featured as as one of my Daily Selections.

At the time of writing this post it's available for download at £1.97, or free to Prime Members HERE.

280 pages in length (500 KB)

Part of the Prodigious Peregrines Series - please see the Review by Series section for details the list of the books in this series.

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This was actually an okay read, which is disappointing in a way, as I was expecting something a little better based on the description .... even a I would hasten to add a soup├žon darker, than the actual tale that enfolded.

There were also a fair few errors throughout.  The Author seriously needs to acquaint her self with the difference between "ensured" and "insured", and pay a little more attention to the end product by way of grammar and typographical annoyances.  Some of the errors were quite inventive, and gave me a bit of a giggle.

I do appreciate that Persephone had a terrible time, but she did seem to go down the pity-fest route, and only appear to make a very half hearted attempt for a bit of backbone towards the end.

Parker didn't necessarily come across as the strongest of Alpha Heroes either, he was portrayed as a little on the weak side.

Talking of the end, or nearly the end, it would have been nice to have seen a really nice bit of retribution dished out to Granville, but instead nothing - the Author missed a trick here.

There was a nice little touch in the Epilogue with the puppy's breed, which I found touching and adorable.

As an aside, I loved the cover.

Don't mistake any of the above as truly negative comments about this book. I liked it, it was an okay read.  I will certainly add the first two books in the series on to my Want to Read list, and I would love to find out more about Peyton in the future.

With all the above in mind, I think that 3 *** Stars would be an appropriate for this offering.

Errors/Bug Bears:

18%: Some kind of formatting error, as my downloaded copy seemed to have some bizarre lines of dotes, that didn't pertain to much.  If they were in there on purpose, why?

19%: "How had he gotten lost in her large, sad green eyes?"

A real bug bear of mine, the use of gotten.  It's really not appropriate to use it in an historical novel.

Correct to:  How had he become lost in her large, sad green eyes?

22%:  "His persuasive".

Correct to:  He's persuasive.

22%:  Rhyme at the top of Chapter 8, should have been thee and thy surely?

25%:  "... that regrettably he hadn't participated in quite a long time ..."

Correct to:  ....that regrettably he hadn't participated in for quite a long time.

25%:  "....from the wall scones ...."

Correct to:  sconce.  Scones is the plural of scone, which is a type of cake.

25%: ".... and he saw her telltale bush".

Correct to: ....and he saw her tell tale blush.

I'd certainly blush if that was supposed to be bush!

27%:  "Insuring she was relaxed ..."

Correct to:  Ensuring she was relaxed. Please take the time to look up the difference between the two words.

27%:  ".... then she returned her gaze to where Persephone was situating herself on the settee".

Correct to either:

(1)  where Persephone was seated on the settee;


(2) where Persephone was settling herself on the settee.

Personally, I prefer (1).

27%:  "I advised my aunt not a week past that I intended to redecorate the parlor".

Correct to:  I advised my Aunt, not a week past, that I intended to redecorate the parlour.

27%:  "It was a portrait of who their mother had been and still was".

Correct to:  It was a portrait of who their Mother had been, and still was.

28%:  "Are you boasting on yourself?"

What the F&*k?  

Correct to:  Are you boasting?

36%:  "... she nearly gasp when the heated air hit her face".

Correct to:  she nearly gasped when the heated air hit her face.

"Gasped" was also used in the next sentence, and for pure flow of text it's better to use a similar word rather than repeat.

37%:  ".... Manton spread is hands out before him ...."

Correct to:  Manton spread his hands out before him

38%:  "At least Piper leaned down and bussed her aunt's cheek with a soft kiss before starting in with questions".

Unattractive sentence, with a common needed and an initial capital letter for Aunt.  

It would be better to correct to:  At least Piper leaned down and bussed her Aunt's cheek with a soft kiss, before starting on her questions.

42%:  "Parker camped out in the hall near the door".

Uck, this again is a very unattractive use of language, and not particularly historically appropriate.

Correct along the lines of:  Parker waited (or stood) in the hall near the door, it would also have suited lurked.

42%:  "Piper humorously related the incident where dressed as a young man about town, she enter the hallowed halls of one club".

Punctuation light, and an error.

Correct to:  Piper humorously related the incident, where dressed as a young man about town, she entered the hallowed halls of one club.

43%:  "I carried a secret tendre for Rockwell for several seasons".

Correct to: I had carried or I'd carried

47%: "Parker didn't want to dwell on what all had been done to her".

Correct to one of the following:

(1)  on what had been done to her; or

(2) on all that had been done to her

69%:  "... this one left when she had dared to protect herself".

Correct to:  this one was left when she had dared to protect herself

76%:  " .... when activities insured Miss Manton's death".

Correct to: when activities ensured Miss Manton's death

84%: "He insured that she was seated with a glass of Mediera".

Correct to:  He ensured that she was seated with a glass of Madeira

84% "And the thought of not seeing him again ...".

A sentence should not really be started with "and".

87%:  "How far do you believe you would have gotten?"

I can't tell you just how offensive. distasteful and down right annoying I find the word "gotten"!



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