Sunday, 9 June 2013

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I just loved this cover, and the description was equally as interesting, so I thought I would give it a whirl:

Dulcie O’Neil is a fairy. And not the type to frolic in gardens. She’s a Regulator—a law-enforcement agent who monitors the creatures of the Netherworld to keep them from wreaking havoc in the mortal world. 

When a warlock is murdered and Dulcie was the last person to see him alive, she must uncover the truth before she’s either deported back to the Netherworld, or she becomes the next victim. 

Enter Knight Vander, a sinfully attractive investigator sent from the Netherworld to work the case with Dulcie. 

Between battling her attraction to her self-appointed partner, keeping a sadomasochistic demon in check, and fending off the advances of a sexy and powerful vampire, Dulcie’s got her hands full. 

As the body count increases, Dulcie finds herself battling dark magic, reconnoitring in S&M clubs and suffering the greatest of all betrayals.

With 39 reviews (averaging at 4 stars) it seems like it could be really good.  Anyhoo, it's free so we could give it a go ..... click HERE for the free download.

On Amazon today my rating has gone down a wee bit to 6,059 (<).  I suppose that I'm still heading in the right direction, but it does feel like an uphill struggle.  I would love to get to the top 1,000 Reviewers' some day .... so if you find the Daily Kindle Download info useful please go over to my Reviews on Amazon and leave me some positive feedback - which helps my rating, and will earn you my grateful thanks.



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