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#362 - Dancing with the Duke

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She's loved him for years...

Charlotte Grant can't remember a time when she didn't love her best friend's older brother.

He's never noticed her...
The Duke of Clarington hadn't spared a thought for his sister's friend in years.

Their situations are about to be reversed...
It is the beginning of a new Season and Clarington intends to stay away from all the young ladies and eager mamas hoping to ensnare a duke. But that plan falls into tatters when his mother sponsors his sister's friend and enlists him to dance with her at Almack's. The beautiful vixen he meets that night bears little resemblance to the shy, gangly girl who used to follow him around. Now, instead of avoiding Charlotte, he finds himself frustrated when she seems to notice everyone but him.

Product Details:

I downloaded this for free for my Kindle back in March this year, and having just checked it is still available free.  Click HERE to take you to the product page at Amazon.

It's a prequel novella to the Landing a Lord series. BONUS CONTENT: Includes the first chapter of Loving the Marquess, Book 1 of the Landing a Lord series, and an excerpt from Vivienne Westlake's A Marquess for Christmas.

Novella - 60 pages (216 KB).

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There was nothing inherently wrong with it, actually it was quite enjoyable and un-taxing to read.  It was, however, very short and it could have been a tiny bit longer to develop the characters and plot a little more.


Given that there were a few errors it doesn't really merit more than a 3.5 on here.  Good Reads and Amazon will have to be rounded down to 3.

Errors/Bug Bears:

17% - At Almack's there was no mention of her being given permission to waltz.  It could be that it was assumed she'd had the relevant permission ahead of time, but it's just a nice to know piece of detail.

20% - "....she was at the house every day visiting with his sister".  With seemed a bit superfluous.

33%, 42% & 72% - "duke".  Capital letter Duke.

I then got bored with bookmarking places where an initial capital letter should have been used for a word .... there were quite a few thought.



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