Tuesday, 25 June 2013

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I'm sorry ...... I think ......... I've weakened and gone for an Historical Romance today .... I know, I know, some of you will be thanking me and others will be less than pleased!  It's a pirate one: does that make it better?

Young Bethlyn Talbot, daughter of the Earl of Dunsmoor, is forced into an arranged marriage with brash colonial Ian Briston, who abandons her after the wedding ceremony. Seven years later, Bethlyn has blossomed into a beautiful and alluring young woman, with a husband in name only. 

Wishing for the marriage to be annulled or force her errant husband to make her his wife in all ways, Bethlyn leaves England for America on one of her father's ships. But when the ship is captured by the infamous American privateer, Captain Hawk, he mistakes her for a prostitute.

Fighting her attraction for the masked pirate, Bethlyn becomes Hawk's prey and succumbs to nights of passion in the arms of the buccaneer. What will happen when she finally arrives in Philadelphia to claim her wayward spouse now that she's known the ecstasy of being the pirate's bride?

You can get a copy by clicking HERE.  Personally, I'm really looking forward to reading it, but as I discussed with a friend yesterday, my own personal reading is falling further and further behind.  I've had so many books sent in to review and requests to look at more ..... don't get me wrong, it's lovely and I really am excited about it, especially as I have a change to extend the genres that I read.  However, I need an extra 9 or 10 hours a day to get through it all.  I think I'll have to stop doing the housework and concentrate on getting my pile down a bit.  Here's hoping that the weather will cheer up and I can use that as an excuse to read.

On Amazon today my rating is (>) to 4,970. I suppose that I'm still heading in the right direction, but very slowly now. I would love to get to the top 1,000 Reviewers' some day ....... so if you find the Daily Kindle Downloads info useful please go over to my Reviews on Amazon and leave me some positive feedback  on some of my reviews (which helps my rating, and will earn you my grateful thanks).



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