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#358 - Too Close for Comfort


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Mills & Boon (Modern)


Rescued by a bone-meltingly handsome stranger! After a run-in with a Californian con-man, Scottish Iona MacCabe has no money and nowhere to go. She quickly discovers LA can be a very unfriendly city without tons of hard cash… Millionaire security expert Zane Montoya can hardly leave a pretty Scottish tourist at a dodgy motel to fend for herself. His long-lost chivalrous side takes over: he turns on the legendary Montoya charm and whisks Iona away to upscale Monterey. Independent, wilful Iona might be spitting daggers at being rescued, but that doesn’t stop the sexual heat between them reaching scorching point! Zane’s used to keeping all his women at arm’s length, and Iona’s way too close for comfort – but Zane only realises his long-held emotional detachment is at risk once it’s too late

Product Details:

I was very kindly sent a paperback copy of the book by Heidi, the Author, via the Good Reads Giveaway/First Reads system.

However, it is available on Amazon as a Kindle download HERE.  Actually, at the moment it's a bargain at £2.30 (usual listed price £3.49).

Published by Mills & Boon (Modern) on 7th June 2013.

192 pages (998 KB)

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As I mentioned above, I was kindly sent a copy of this in paperback form my Heidi (the Author) under the Good Reads Giveaway/First Reads Scheme.  Lucky me, she also signed it and enclosed just about one of the coolest business cards ever.

To be honest, it wasn't the longest book in the world, more a novella, but it made up for it in decent writing and a lovely story. Very definitely in the Mills & Boon tradition, and I've loved Mills & Boon since I was a teenager.

I thorough enjoyed it, and have added Heidi to my list of favourite authors' as consequence. 

Zane Montoya by the way was a yummy full on Alpha Male Hero, with a cute and vulnerable side, who definitely met his match with the fiery lass from Scotland.


4 stars from me, I just wish it had been a little bit longer.  Still, the story was more than adequately told within the length.

Errors/Bug Bears:

A well delivered product.  My only slight criticism was that Iona was a redhead, but on the cover looks more like a brunette to me ...... maybe it's just that the publisher felt a Red Head wouldn't help it sell.



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