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#363 - The Portrait

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England 1812 Severely injured at the battle of Salamanca, Edward Thurston, the new Earl of Sinclair, returns home to his beloved Fly Hall. Determined not to present his prospective bride with the wreck he believes himself to have become, he decides to end his betrothal, unaware that Lady Jennifer, for vastly differing reasons, has reached the selfsame decision. Throughout the campaigns, Edward was often seen relying greatly on a miniature he carried, and it is to this token he clings upon his return. Will he eventually find happiness with the girl in the portrait, or will he remain firm in his resolve not to wed? Reason dictates one course, his heart another.

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Unusually for me this year, I paid for my Kindle Download for this book.  Particularly, as Hazel is always worth paying for, and I'm taking part in the Dilly Dally PR Blog Hop.

You can get a copy of the download at Amazon by clicking HERE.  This listed price is currently £3.49.

Novella - 194 pages (1048 KB) in length.

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Hazel is one of my favourite authors as I love the feel of her work each and every time ... for me she's strongly reminiscent of Georgette Heyer's.

As this read formed part of Dilly Dally's Blog Hop, I left it quite late to review it because we had a trip to the Beating Retreat planned for 13th June at Horse Guards Parade Ground in London (bonus for us we had front row seats really near the Royal Box, and have a fabulous view of Her Majesty).

They featured a short enactment of the Battle of Vitoria (21st June 1813), which was part of Wellington's campaign in the Peninsular.

As our Hero, Edward, was injured at Salamanca, and it seemed like a perfect way to get some idea of just what it might have been like for him to fight, let alone be so badly injured.

Believe me when I say that it really must have been terrifying.  Just being in the audience at Horse Guards listening to the jangle of harness, the sound of the gun carriages and the shot of just one cannon with lots of smoke and fireworks was awe inspiring.  Let alone being under heavy fire, the many cannon being fired, the smell of gunpowder hanging in the air, as well as that of blood and guts and death.  Coupled with cries of his Comrades in Arms and horses.

It's no wonder the poor man suffered so badly from night terrors, brought on no doubt by what we now know as Post Traumatic Stress.  It was also completely understandable that he would also feel less of a man because of it and the loss of his arm to boot.  No small wonder then that he cried off his engagement to Lady Jennifer.


Hazel's writing was just delightful as always, and it was completely enchanting to find that Edward had carried the portrait of the girl he'd fallen in love with through the Campaign, and looked to it for comfort whilst he went on with the rest of his life.

For me it had to be no less than a 5 star rating for the quality of the writing and plot.  It's never difficult to engage with her characters'.

Errors/Bug Bears:

Nothing to note down.  Kudos to Hazel for a well delivered and quality product.



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