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#365 - The Lady in The Locket

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The Lady in the Locket is the first novel of the Legacy trilogy. American privateer Richard Tetrault arrives in March 1814 at his family’s plantation on the Rappahannock River in Virginia to find his home in ashes, a sister dead, and his mother kidnapped. A vision of his deceased father accosts him in the midst of that smoking disaster. Yet this is only the beginning of a journey to an understanding of the deadly legacy that threatens everything he is or ever could be. In his search for survivors, the privateer infuses rebellious planter’s daughter Tara Kendall with an intense passion that throws her head-on into the privateer’s dilemma. 

As this epic story of a man, a woman, and a country at war unfolds, the arrival of the privateer brings to light blackmail that threatens Burton Kendall’s brazen plantation home high above the Rappahannock. He, too, will feel the heat of the privateer’s curse with a personal loss that staggers him.

Product Details:

I downloaded it as a freebie for my Kindle in March 2013.  However, at the time of writing this post it is listed a £1.94 of free to Prime Members.  Click HERE to download.

It forms part of the Legacy Trilogy:

Book 1: The Lady in the Locket
Book 2:  Smuggler’s Haven
Book 3:  Devil's Elbow

203 pages in length (426 KB)

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This book is what it is for me ...... I won't say that I didn't enjoy it, and there weren't great raft loads of errors, but it just was a bit wide of the mark for a full scale hit.  I've said it before, and I will say it again (just in case my comments are mis-construed), every now and again an author can engage with one reader and not another.  If I could put my finger on how that can be changed, I'd end up a really rich girl.

Apart from the above, this was another book that had a very abrupt ending .... it simply stopped dead, and fell into darkness.  Personally, I like to be let down a little gently.  It was almost as if the author decided that she would carry on with another book, but just stopped me mid-stride and slammed a door in my face.  It also makes me a bit resistant to getting the follow on book when that happens (might just be me that one!).


Having thought about it, 3.5 star rating on the blog, but I can't in all conscience upgrade it to a 4 because of my comments regarding the end and lack of personal engagement with the whole work.

Errors/Bug Bears:

17% - formatting error.

One or two other little bits, but as I said above, my big bug bear was the abrupt ending ~ I don't like it authors' don't to it!  Even if the work is part of a series, please make sure there is a beginning, middle and end.  So that it can be read as a read alone if possible.



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