Wednesday, 19 June 2013

My Daily Selection for Free Kindle Download at Amazon

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Indie Writer (Self-published)

I'm taking a chance with this one, insofar as it's just had the one 5 star review ..... which always makes me a bit suspicious.  However, I checked our the Reviewer and she seems fairly ok .... so we'll go with this.  Who doesn't love a Fairy Tale anyway?

As a half-faerie and an outcast, Melia longs to fly--like her mother and the other fullblood faeries. However, her lack of wings becomes the least of her concerns when startling visions of destruction, linked to her father's ambitions, escalate. Desperate to stop them, Melia visits the Illustrator and receives a strange mark on her forehead. The mark will draw a green-eyed stranger--one who shares her obsessions--to the Realm of Faerie.

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On Amazon today my rating is (<) to 5,451.  I suppose that I'm still heading in the right direction, but very slowly now.  I would love to get to the top 1,000 Reviewers' some day .... so if you find the Daily Kindle Download info useful please go over to my Reviews on Amazon and leave me some positive feedback - which helps my rating, and will earn you my grateful thanks.



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