Wednesday, 14 December 2011

#187 (#123) - A Little Folly ~ Jude Morgan (New Author)

ISBN:  978-0-7533-0767-8
Published by:  Headline

Characters/brief outline:
Main charaters Louisa Carnell and her Brother, Valentine
Sub characters:  James Tresilian, Pearce Lynley, Francis Lynley, Lady Harriet Evershot plus others
Lousia and Valentine have been bullied, dominated and stifled by their Father, and therefore when he dies suddenly they are left rudderless and adrift.  It takes a while, but they both kick back in their own way.  Louisa rejects the man intended for her by her Father, Pearce Lynley, and then plays the field.  Valentine falls for Lady Harriet.and looses a great deal of money.  Happily though, they both find their way back on to the right path, but do either of them find love?

The cover promised that ".....reminiscent of a good Georgette Heyer", which was quite a bold claim in my own personal/humble opinion.  However, when all is said and done - or rather read from cover to cover - the statement did seem to still be a little optimistic, but just only a little.

That makes me sound like I didn't like it ..... I did, but really there can only ever be one Georgette Heyer (much the same as their can ever only be one Jane Austen) ... probably the statement should have been "....quite like a Georgette Heyer" instead.

I found it to be a little wordy, with a a very good go at being the real thing.  The wordiness meant that I had to concentrate (always a challenge with teenagers and pets working to their own unique agendas).  The plot too, didn't seem to move at much of a pace.   On the whole a 3.5 star read, and it certainly would not be put off from reading another of Miss Morgan's offerings any time soon.  Give it a go and see what you think, I'd be interested to find out.


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