Thursday, 15 December 2011

#189 (#125) - Ruthless ~ Ann Stuart (NEW AUTHOR)

ISBN:  0778328481
Kindle Copy
Publisher: Mills and Boon Historical Romance
Characters:  Elinor Harriman and Viscount Rohan
Brief outline of plot:  Viscount Rohan is an exiled aristocrat hell bent on indulging his insatiable appetite, however time is ensuring that not much will assuage them as he is becoming jaded by the same old same old.  Elinor is thrown in his path when she goes to find her demented Mother at one of his sinful gatherings.  She fascinates him, he frightens her and she is determined not go give in.  Along the way though the good girl begins to give in to the rake ... isn't that always the way!!

Actually quite well written, and I would say it merited a 3.5 Star rating, give it a go.



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