Wednesday, 28 December 2011

#195 (#131) - A Lady's Lesson in Scandal ~ Meredith Duran

ISBN or Kindle:

978-1-4516-0693-5 (also comes as an e-book)


Pocket Star Books

Main characters:

Nell Whitby (Lady Cornelia Aubyn) and Simon St Maur, Earl of Rushden

Brief outline of plot:

Nell is a factory girl from Bethnal Green, and to has to beg and steal to pay for her mother's care.  On her death bed her mother tells her to seek help from the Earl of Rushden, who is her father.

Bent on revenge Nell breaks into the Earl's house, but finds that she is pointing the pistol she carries at the wrong .... and very naked .... man.

He thinks she is a lost heiress, she thinks he is mad, but goes along with his plot with the intention of splitting the £900,000 inheritance .... only thing she has to do is marry him .... could it be simpler?

Rating and Conclusion:

I've been wanting to read a Meredith Duran book for a little while, but was a tad disappointed.  It was slower that I thought, some of the background layer didn't quite gel and left me confused about exactly what time frame it took place in (i.e. carriages, electricity, factory girls).  Again, with a lot of authors not from UK there was the use of wording that would not apply here - sorry, that is just an irritant to me, not anything against the author. I am also not convinced that the title was a good choice, as there wasn't much scandal contained between the covers of either the book or the sheets!!

I liked the book, I did not love it.  A 3 star read, and I will try again with another of her offerings.



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