Sunday, 18 December 2011

#191 (#127) - In Pursuit of Eliza Cynster ~ Stephanie Laurens

Book 2 in Cynster Sister Trilogy

ISBN: 978-0-7499-5598-4

Publisher: Piatcus

Main Characters: Miss Elizabeth Cynster & Mr Jeremy Carling

Brief outline of plot:

Eliza Cynster is the second of the girls to be kidnapped by a mysterious Scottish Laird.  She taken from under the  very noses at the engagement ball of her Sister Heather (the Heroine from the first book in the Trilogy - I've actually not read it yet, but need to get my paws on it p.d.q.).  On the way to the rendezvous with the 'Laird' Eliza garners all her courage to watch for a likely rescuer.  Meanwhile Jeremy Carling has left the home of Royce, Duke of Wolverstone and on his journey has decided that he needs to marry.

Fate decides that Jeremy will be the one to witness Eliza's plea for help as he is going in the opposite direction. As a bookworm with hitherto no 'Alpha Male' qualities, will he prove to be her Man?


A 4.5 star read, leaving me wanting to find out what will happen to the younger sister, Angelica, and also the the adventure of the first book between Heather and Lord Breckenridge.



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