Monday, 19 September 2011

#161 (#97) - Provocative in Pearls ~ Madeline Huter

ISBN:  978-1-4084-9292-4

When the Earl of Hawkeswell's bride fled the Wedding Reception, he was left in a very difficult position.  He had agreed to the marriage of convenience for cold hard cash to put his beleaguered estate back in the black.  Now his wife had disappeared, but he couldn't get his hands on her money, nor could he believe that he would have to wait 7 years for her to be declared dead, after her veil was found in the river on the wedding night.  He was having the devil's own job getting an inquest before then, and running out of money fast.

So he decided to take up his friend, Lord Summerhays, up on an offer for a few days away in the countryside to take some time to relax and try to forget this misfortune.

Little did he know that he would find his errant bride hiding out at the Rarest Blooms, masquerading as Lady Audrianna Summerhays's friend, Lizzie.

He takes charge of his wife, but grants her a stay of execution as it where of not consummating the marriage until after the trip to the country on the proviso that she grants him three kisses a day.

Poor Verity's freedom is now curtailed, but will she fight her return to a loveless marriage, or offer the Earl a way out that will give him the funds he needs, and will see manage to find the man she loves?

A 4.5 star read, with an exciting chance to find out more about the Rarest Blooms, and speculate about the future books in the series.  Highly recommended - I've just downloaded the other books on the Kindle as I can't wait to see what happens.


When Miss Verity Thompson

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