Monday, 26 December 2011

#193 (#129) - The Earl's Bargain ~ Cheryl Bolen - NEW AUTHOR

ISBN or Kindle:  

Not known as I bought on Kindle

Main Characters:

Mrs Louisa Phillips and Harold Coke, 5th Earl of Wycliff

Brief Outline of Plot:

At a very young age the beautiful Louisa finds herself married to a much older Godwin Phillips, who is in the employ of an unknown lord.  Her circumstances ensure that she becomes a man-hating blue stocking.  Eventually though,  Louisa finds herself a widow and penniless and is forced to turn to the Earl of Wycliff for financial security for life in return for her help in solving the mystery of who ruined his family.

It turns out that they are both of them hiding secrets - especially that they love one another.

Rating and conclusion:

Not a bad book, but not outstanding - a 3 star read at best.  I would certainly read other titles by this author, so give it a go.


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