Monday, 19 September 2011

#163 (#99) - Sealed Secrets ~ Jessica Blair *NEW AUTHOR

ISBN:  978-0-7499-3986-1

I didn't hold up much hope for this new book, but it was surprisingly nice to read once I settled down to a new author's way of writing.  Probably it was worth a 3.5 star rating, and I would definitely read more she has to offer.

Two concurrent stories running that merge nicely at the end.

The first is that of Besty Palmer and her relationship with mine employee Jim Fenwick.

The second is that of Robert Addison and his internal fight with himself when he finds out something about his father that he assumes would be scandalous if it got out.  The only way open to him is to leave his blossoming love for a family friend, Adele Jordan, along with his life and try to disappear.


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