Wednesday, 14 December 2011

#188 (#124) - Finding Home ~ Roisin McAuley (NEW AUTHOR)

ISBN:  978-0-7515-3859-5
Published by: Sphere (Littlebrown)
Main characters/brief outline of plot:
Henry and Diana Wintour (Brother and Sister)
Louise O'Neill (Our Heroine if you like)
Supporting Characters: Rebecca Teddy & Jacky, Chloe, Lucy, Peter, John Finniegan, Barry Shaw and others
Louise and Rebecca are looking for a location for the film that they are hoping will be approved shortly for production.  They come across Wooldene Hall in the distant and decide it is just the place.  They meet the owner, Henry, who lives not in the big house but in a bungalow with his sister (Diana) nearby.  The house is perfect, even if the roof is badly in need of urgent repair and they set in motion the contracts to hire it from pre-production onwards.  Prior to the film company's offer they had hoped to flog a few old bottles of wine that had been found in the cellar, but a couple of thousand quid probably wouldn't be enough to pay a fraction of the amount needed. Throw in old feelings about the IRA, the British Army, a stalker and family loyalties and love.

If you have read any of my previous posts, you will realise that my literary pleasure hovers in the realms of main the Regency period ... I rarely venture much past the First World with any frequency.

I had run out of a supply of books, and therefore took up this contemporary offering with a feeling of dread ... I was determined to give it a go though.

Thank goodness, what a truly wonderful read - so beautifully written.  Miss McAuley has such a wonderful easy flowing style.  It was insightful and intelligently written.  I loved it a big 5+ stars. If you only read one thing in 2012 it should be this if you love a romance or two.

Other books by this author:  Meeting Point; Singing Bird



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