Wednesday, 16 November 2011

#185 (#121) Friday's Child ~ Georgette Heyer

ISBN:  978-0-09-946804-2

Our heroine goes by the unlikely name of Hero, Hero Wantage, a poor relation of the Bagshots with no other family to speak of, and at the age of not quite 17 no experience of how to go on.

The completely loveable hero is Anthony, Lord Sherringham, he's know Hero all of her life it seems and comes across her upon leaving his Mama having threatened to marry the first girl he comes across.

Our poor Hero proves to be a damsel in distress, so Anthony follows through with his threat and carries her off there and then for a special licence wedding.

Such a delightful read, full of Georgette Heyer tapestry of words and characters, woven into a funny and endearing tale.

Definitely a 5+ read.


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