Monday, 19 September 2011

#162 (#98) - Strand of Dreams ~ Audrey Howard

Molly O'Dowd's happy childhood is left behind after the Great War with the dead of her father and brothers.  She's therefore foreced to make her own way in the world.

She is always drawn to a special place a great house called known as Meddins, and this is where she meets the owner of the factory she works in, Tim Broadbent.

He's inherited the mill after his older brothers were killed in the war, and the shock killed his father, but is not untouched himself, as he has terrible panic attacks when faced with loud noises or intense pressure.

He's captivated by Molly, and she has been half in love with him since she saw him where she was a small girl.  Unusually, Tim offers to marry her and she is catapulted into a new and luxrious life ... and it seems very one of her dreams has come true.

The is only one fly in the ointment though, she met Tim's cousin for the first time at the alter when she married, and felt an overwhelming desire for him.

Joss Greenwood felt that desire too, and it's not long before they cannot hide their true feelings.

What will become of Tim, or the love that Molly and Joss have?

A 3.5 star read, not her best work but enjoyable nonetheless.


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