Tuesday, 27 December 2011

#194 (#130) - Dancing with Dr Kildare ~ Jane Yardley *NEW AUTHOR

ISBN or Kindle:



Black Swan (www.rbooks.co.uk)

Main Characters:

Ninah Hannay with various sub-characters too numerous to mention

Brief Outline of Plot:

When Nina's father dies she finds an old music manuscript written in his hand in a locked desk.  Although he played the violin, he was no musical genius, and this manuscript had Sibelius positively shrieking off the pages.  The question is did he write it, and if so why keep such a masterpiece hidden?

Nina has to dig back in the past, which leads to her contemplation of her traumatic childhood, almost wishing in the end that she had never unlocked the desk.

Rating and conclusion:

I really tried to like this book, but the constant switching around of time lines etc, put me off a bit.  I also had a problem with getting any kind of connection with the characters.

In the end it probably merits a 2.5 Star rating.

On the plus side, I now know more than I did before about Argentinian Tango and an obscure Finnish battle.

Not too sure I would read another book by this author, but never say never.



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