Thursday, 29 December 2011

#202 (#138) - An Inconvenient Marriage - Ruth Ann Nordin *NEW AUTHOR

ISBN or e-book:

Not known, I bought as Kindle e-book from Amazon


Not known

Main Characters:

Sue Lewis and Jake Mitchell

Brief outline of Plot:

Need to add details

Rating and conclusion:

Need to add - just bear with me I am behind, as I found quite a few on the Kindle that I had not added to the list.

It was bizarre to say the best.  I found it not particularly well written .... but to the point where it was so bad it was actually amusing.  Which kept me turning the pages to see how bad it could actually get before I called time.  I reached the end therefore a 2 star rating. I would try another one of her books to see if this was a one-off!



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