Monday, 31 October 2011

#184 (#120) - Arabella ~ Georgette Heyer

A 4 Star read all around ... it's been ages since I read this one ............ I particularly love the use of cant in her books .... and the flow of conversations in appropriate language.

Excellent read..... the story of Miss Arabella Tallent and Mr Robert Beaumaris - she's given the opportunity to spend a London Season with her God Mother, and is very well aware that as a the oldest child of an impoverished cleric and his beautiful wife it behoves her to make a creditable match to see the other children have a helping hand in life.

On the way to London her carriage breaks down and she seeks shelter with her travelling companion at the hero's hunting box.  After overhearing a conversation on his views of being opportuned by females try to catch him in parson's mousetrap she happily gives him to understand that she is in fact an heiress.

Unfortunately for her, his companion is completely taken in by this claim, and seems to tell the whole ton, and within days it's open season on Arabella by every fortune hunter in the ton.  Meanwhile, Mr Beaumaris (setter of fashion) has decided that whilst he doesn't quite believe the whole "heiress" story he is in fact very taken by her, and sets out to his particular attention, which will in turn help her to become the rage of the season.  It started out as an amusement on his behalf in the beginning, but he soon falls for the lovely creature.

Throw in an brother also masquerading as something he is not, and a lack of experience on his behalf, oh and his slow top friend, and you have a winning combo.


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