Monday, 21 November 2011

#186 (#122) ~ A Comfortable Wife ~ Stephanie Laurens

ISBN:  978-0-7783-0237-7

A quick review for this one - 3 stars.

A related title to the Lester stories, this one features Philip Marlowe, 7th Baron Ruthven and Miss Antionia Mannering.

She's known him practically all her life, but they haven't seen each other for years.  Antonia is hopeing that she will be just the comfortable wife she thinks he needs.  He's attracted to her, but does he want a comfortable wife?

Truth to well, whilst I love Stephanie Laurens, the whole of the Lester stories have been dull, dull as ditchwater actually .... is she just writing to many to a formula?  Read it for yourself and judge, if nothing else it will while away a train journey.


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