Sunday, 25 September 2011

#164 (#100) - A Lady of Expectations ~ Stephanie Laurens

ISBN:  978-0-7783-0228-5

It pains me to say this, as usually it just has to have her name on the book to entice me to read it, but this book was dull, dull, dull and only rated a 2 stars ... sorry!  Got to rate like I see it.

It probably is a required need in the story of the Lester's (I believe that this is book 2 .... I haven't read book 1 yet, but am assured that it's much better) - so read this but with the warning that it rally is a bit dull and you might be bored.

Jack Lester has acquired a vast fortune, and now needs to acquire a wife ... and only a golden headed one will do apparently .... so he whilst nobody is aware of his fortune he has stalked the ton's entertainment, but come up short.

The re-group and re-assess he goes hunting and finds just what he wants at a local ball .... Sophie Winterton.  She's poor and needs a rich husband, and whilst she also feels the strong attraction is convinced that they can only be friends as apparently poor Jack must find a rich wife!


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