Friday, 10 December 2010

#51 - Slightly Dangerous ~ Mary Balogh

Slightly Dangerous

ISBN: 978-0-7499-3772-0

I am happy to write this this book was a vast change from #50's review.  Interesting, intriguing, ringing with humour and pure delight.

I believe it is the last in the "slightly ....." saga, based on the Bedwyn Family.  So I suppose that I should have probably read them in order, but hey ho.

Christine Derrick, a Widow and estranged from most of her husband's family because of difficulties in her marriage before her husband died is as and poor as a church mouse.

Whilst Wulfric, Duke of Bewcastle is cold as ice, he is also the most glittering of prizes for any social hostess and that is why Lady Renable made sure that Christine would make up the numbers.

The house party did not start well, Christine dripped lemonade in the eye of the haughty Duke and it went down hill from there.  They are so widely different in character, she's fun loving, un-coordinated and gauche, but people love her .... he is well, an aristocratic, autocratic, steel to the core Duke ... he probably has never know how to laugh and enjoy himself!

Can two such people poles apart find any common ground ... I doubted it.

The book was a bit slow for ..... well, can I just say a bit.  I can't define a bit now I've finished it, because I forget (even though I started it last night and finished it this morning) just what the amount was: a bit of a chapter, a chapter, a bit more than a chapter?).  Suffice to say though that that just shows that it was probably akin to stretching exercise to warm up before you enjoy a highly enjoyable run in the countryside.

Any book that can then go on and make me audibly catch my breath and my stomach flip flop and them bottom out should be forgiven the fact that it was a trifle difficult for a bit.

I found myself totally and completely in love with Wulfic and willing that both of them could see that they were perfect for each other.

Run straight out and buy this book.  If you need to read all of the series first get them all .... I am fairly certain that the investment will prove worth it just for this book alone.

A 5+ *****+ star rating.  I would give it higher if it could.

I have realised the count of the books, maybe next year I can do the 144 book challenge.  I'm off to read "A Summer to Remember" which is apparently the first book I should have aimed for regarding the Bedwyn family.

Happy reading.

Kay xoxox

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