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Reading UK Library Books on your Kindle

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I only recently found out that it was possible to borrow ebooks from the UK Libraries via Overdrive.   However, when I read up about it was was really disappointed to find out that it was for Nook, Kobo and other e-Readers other than Kindle (which was only available for US Libraries).

However, when I went just by chance to my Local Library to enrol after moving to East Sussex, the lovely lady advised me that she thought it was possible to borrow ebooks and audio books from them on a Kindle Fire.

I did a bit of research last night, and yep, it's possible if you download the Overdrive App from the Kindle Store HERE.

Actually, for a techo retard like me it was quite easy .... although I will admit to a bit of huffing, puffing and general language to rival a dockside trollop trying to work out how to do it!

I will attempt to give you brief instructions, and please forgive me if I miss bits out, as it was trial and error.

You will need:

  • Your Kindle Fire
  • Your Library Card and PIN number
  • Overdrive Media Console App - installed and registered - you will need an Adobe Account for that.
  • A wireless connection to the internet
Make sure you are connected to the internet:

  • Wake up your Kindle
  • Check you are connected to the internet:  touch the Wireless symbol in the upper right hand corner; then touch wireless or Wifi and make sure set to on; if you are not connected touch the wireless network you would like to join; enter the password if needed and touch connect - you should now be connected to the internet.
  • Touch the House button to go back to the Home page
Now let's get a book from the Library:
  • On your Carousel Items find the Overdrive App Icon and touch to open
  • Newer model Kindle touch the Get Books Icon at top right of screen (older verisions it at the bottom centre of screen)
  • Now touch the Add a Library icon - newer Kindlesit's at the top/older at the bottom
  • You can search the Library you require by name, post code, etc. or you can use the "Search" function.
  • Find your Library and tap the star next to its Name to save it as a favourite
  • Touch your Library Name to go to the site
  • When the site opens browse to find a title you would like to read
  • Ensure that you are signed in with your library number and PIN
  • Tap Download to start the download - NB:  it's clunky, not nearly so fast as usual Kindle download - I actually thought mine wasn't working .... be patient
  • It will eventually appear on your Bookshelf in the app
  • Tap to start reading - you can alter the text type and size, and navigate around in a similar fashion to the normal Kindle reading experience.
Here's a video for American Kindle library borrowing, but it's fairly similar to the steps I've set out above:

I hope you find all of the above helpful .... I'm now reading The Help, which is my Hailsham Book Club choice this month, saves having to hold a book and suffer really small print. LOL.



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