Monday, 12 August 2013

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After the Masquerade

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You do realise that I am pre-programmed to picking anything that mentions "Dancing" and "Earl" in the title!

“You do realize that every man in our family who has married for love has recognized his wife immediately when first introduced? The feelings of lasting emotion may take a little while to develop to their fullest, but it is an almost instantaneous realization that the woman before you is the one, that she is the only one.”

Thus said Lord Thomas Gyrlington, Marquis of Ravenwood, to his son Lawrence in A Mask of Black Satin, the second novel in The Masquerade Series. Readers of The Masquerade Series have seen the Ravenwoods in full matchmaking fervour, but while Thomas and Margaret hinted at their courtship, they never fully explained their story. Now, in the first companion short story to The Masquerade Series, readers have the opportunity to see the sweet and passionate couple in their early days. This short story is not just for those that have read the series, however; anyone with a passing interest can use this as a springboard into The Masquerade Series.

Lord Thomas Gyrlington, Earl of Briarwood, and Miss Margaret Nettlby proudly present Dancing with the Earl, the first story in After the Masquerade. Read and laugh about what occurs when a loyal Scottish earl loses a card game to his best friend, and a soft-spoken English miss finds herself at the centre of his world.

So hop over to Amazon and download your free Kindle copy whist it's still free HERE.  What's the risk after all, its only a very short little thing.



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