Thursday, 1 August 2013

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*Introducing a New Author to the Blog*

I decided on something a bit Demon'esque today .... not sure how it will pan out though as it's an unknown Author to me, and there hasn't been a Review as it's a new release.  Still, nothing ventured, nothing gained:

Even for the undead, life is complicated. Though corrupt, archaic law rules them and they must abide by their vow to uphold it. For centuries, Duncan de Beaufou has done just that.

But Arkulus--the Defensores' high elder and keeper of the immortals--has darker intentions. Having always despised the creatures his guild is sworn to coral, he longs to rid himself the burden. 

Entrapping Duncan with the allure of the forbidden, Arkulus deepens his centuries-old treachery, forcing Duncan to break his vows of honor in order to murder him without prejudice.

But fate has different plans for Duncan and the woman--Dawn Kendal--who'd been chosen as his downfall. When Isaac Gresham (a Defensore with a hidden agenda) offers his aid, to protect Dawn, Duncan is compelled to accept it. Even though he does not trust Isaac, he is willing to follow him to an altered destiny. 

But amid his mental war between valor, desire, and a fate far worse than death, will Duncan only be resurrecting his own dark past? Or instead, will he ignite in the present a war of dead worlds?

Click HERE to download a copy of this d├ębut novel, which is currently listed for free.

It's my Darling Husband's birthday today, so we're off to Barcombe Mills for a Family walk with the dog and hopefully lunch at the Anchor Inn.

We might even go in search of the little train at Isfield after that.

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