Thursday, 29 August 2013

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*Introducing a New Author to the Blog*

Another stunning cover first drew me in this morning, and then it looked interesting anyway, so I decided to make it today's pick:

Time is all we have; it flows – it cannot stop.

Jayne wakes up in hospital following a terrible accident, which changes her life as she knew it. While struggling to recover, she is visited by a mysterious woman who offers her a gift. To the girl’s astonishment, she finds herself on a journey, on both the physical and mental plane. It brings her to the mystical realm of Entyre, where life is very different and power lies with the creatures of the deep. While the threads of time keep flowing, Jayne must decide what is real, who to trust, and regain her inner strength in order to find herself and her true destiny.

A bit different, and it has 5 star reviews .... only two of them though!.

If you fancy giving this one a go, it's not too long at 229 pages (Book 1 of a Series), then click HERE.

Happy reading.



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