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My Daily Selection for Free Kindle Download at Amazon

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I fancied a bit of North American Historical Romance today, and found this one:

When a gang of villainous rebel bushwhackers raids her Kansas farm, Mercy Hibbert bravely stands her ground. On the verge of meeting an untimely end, she is shocked when one of the marauders, a dangerously handsome Southerner named Spencer McCabe, comes to her rescue. That is until she learns the conditions of the rescue: if she complies with his demands, she lives. If she doesn't. . . .

Hell-bent on revenge, Spencer isn't about to let anyone stop him from hunting the northern jayhawker who killed his father and two brothers. Realizing that Mercy is the perfect bait for capturing his prey, he forcibly takes her to the bushwhacker stronghold. But as Spencer and Mercy make their way across the Missouri frontier, danger and treachery follow in their wake; even as an explosive passion ignites between them. 

In a land ravaged by war, where honour has lost all meaning, it takes a brave man to put down his gun, and a courageous woman to forgive her enemy. A boldly sensual western, Fire on the Prairie is full of sweeping action, vibrant historical detail and complex, richly-drawn characters; and it is the first book in a multi-generational family saga that spans the breadth of the untamed western frontier. 

It would seem that Kate Wingo is a pseudonym being used by a two-time Golden Heart finalist, but I have to admit that's all I know.  Fingers crossed then, that it will be a decent read.

I've downloaded my copy already, and added it to the Want To Read Pile, or WTR (it seems rude to keep referring to it as my Slush Pile).  If you fancy getting your hands on the free Kindle download click HERE.

I have noticed recently that the free download is lasting for a shorter time, so fill you books, or rather your Kindle, whilst you can.

Oh, and I've just checked and the Additional Pick from yesterday, Mirian, by DS England is still currently showing as a free Download HERE. Hugs


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