Sunday, 28 April 2013

My Daily Selection for Kindle Free Download at Amazon


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After an epic fail of a day yesterday, doing housework and thwacking my hand so hard on the work surface that I'm truly lucky not to have broken the thing ... although OMG it hurts to type!, then having to hang around until 1'ish in the morning to collect Lou from her school trip to watch The Tempest at the Globe Theatre (apparently it was awesome  ..... I never managed to find the time to post a daily selection.

The last daily selection was all about covers, but you can't exactly accuse me of making today's choice like that .... black, white and boring.  However, from the 2 reviews that I've read on this one it might prove to far from that.  By a young Indie Writer, so I'm really excited to see how it pans out.

You can find it quickly over at Amazon by clicking the large title just above the cover photograph, or click HERE.  As always, please bean mind that I have no guarantee how long they will stay available for free download, so if you are reading this post retrospectively, you may well have to pay for it - I will review it as soon as possible and report back on it's merits.

This morning I'm back in the game and on the top 10,000 my Amazon Reviewer list at 9,331 (>).  I would love to get to the top 1,000 Reviewers' some day .... so if you find the Daily Kindle Download info useful please go over to my Reviews on Amazon and leave me some positive feedback - which helps my rating, and will earn you my grateful thanks.

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