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#341 (#59 of 2013) - The Jewel of Maythwaite Manor ~ Lily Byrne *NEW AUTHOR


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1867: Euphemia Boothby is orphaned at the age of eighteen. With no other guardian, she goes to live with her adopted uncle Tristan and his three sons: Joshua, the intense, scholarly eldest, Jacob the mild, sensual middle one and Jack the hedonistic, impulsive youngest. 

Something is amiss at the Manor however. Raised voices in the night, secret conversations, strange visitors… Effie does not know who to trust. Which brother will be her friend, which her enemy and which her lover? 

Adventure, romance and death ensue as she realises her new family has secrets and plans which will change her life forever.

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Another snagged Kindle Free Download from Amazon.  However, at the time of writing this review it's listed as 77p.   You can obtain it by clicking HERE, or on the large title above the cover image photograph.

Novella - circa 100 pages

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Oh dear, this book was so bad that it was actually funny, although I don't think it was written with that view in mind - I could be wrong though.

Stilted dialogue and slow and confusingly written plot at times, and unbelievable characters.  I think it is safe to say that I wasn't a fan - of course, that is just my own opinion, it's horses for courses, somebody else may well love it.  Please don't hate me I take no great pleasure in critiquing somebody's work, I just tell the truth from my own perspective.

On the positive side, I don't think I noticed any errors typographical or grammatical, and it's a very short novella, so it was over quickly, and it was a freebie download at the time.  I would not be amused had I had to pay for it.

I think least said soonest mended with this one, I might check out something else by this author to see if it was just a one off disaster in this particular case.



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