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#340 (#58 of 2013) - Fortunes of the Heart ~ Jenny Telfer Chaplin *NEW AUTHOR

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Kate thinks her life is about to change - forever. 

A chamber maid from a world of grinding poverty, she falls pregnant and unexpectedly marries Pearce Kinnon, the son of wealthy Irish landed gentry.

She expects to move into a new world fitting her husband's status.

The world of a lady.

But her new family are far from welcoming - and Kate and her husband are cut off without a penny.

Kate is suddenly right back where she started - except with a husband and a young child to look after.

And with nothing to live on apart from their wits and brains. 

As poverty-stricken Irish immigrants they are considered the lowest of the low by the Glaswegians in the city where they have settled. 

Kate has to battle religious, cultural, and social prejudice to build a new life for herself.

And she has to battle to save her marriage - and re-build the fortune that was cruelly taken from them. 

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I got this as a free Kindle download at Amazon in February 2013.  However, at the time of writing this post it is listed as £2.99.  You can get it clicking HERE, or on the large title above the Cover Image Photograph.

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It was a little on the slow side for me personally.  I found myself getting quite frustrated with Kate, and wishing she had a bit more gumption and get up and go.  Although having said that, the woman had trials enough to cope with:  a upper-class husband that couldn't take his down turn in circumstances or loss of children well, a handicapped child, family disagreements etc.

Having read quite a few Audrey Howard novels, it is quite difficult not to make a comparison between the two.  The style of writing is similar.  I would say possible Ms Howard has the edge.

Don't get me wrong it wasn.t that I didn't like, or indeed enjoy it, it's just if Kate had been written with just a bit more go and ambition, it could have been a spectacular offering.

There were just a couple of typographical and grammatical errors - when are there not?  Also the end formatting could do with being tidied up a bit.  The last sentence, flows into details about the author.  Another wee thought, in the late 1800s did they celebrate Halloween?

All in all a 3.5 star read, but for Amazon/Good Reads just not quite good enough to make a 4 star rating.

Make no mistake I would be interested in reading more of this family saga, and look forward to perhaps a bit more fire.



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