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#335 (#53 of 2013) - Bedding the Wrong Brother ~ Virna DePaul *NEW AUTHOR

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The actual description on Amazon didn't contain more than a few quotes etc., so that was no help to anyone.  

In a nutshell, girl grows up with twin brothers, she is easy going friendly terms with one and in love with the other.

Grown up she is shy with issues, and they are famous magicians.

She ask the twin she is on easy going terms with to teach her passion, and he switcheroos his brother in his place (turns out the switched in brother has always loved her too).

After one night of passion she realises her mistake, but how will it turn out?

Product Details:

Yes Dear Readers, this is yet another one that I got as a freebie Kindle download.  At the time of writing this post it is being listed as £1.99.  You can go to direct HERE at Amazon, or by clicking the large title above the cover image photograph.

Novella - 169 pages.

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A quick and definitely undemanding read.

However, please don't confuse that short and to the point sentence with me not liking it.  It was okay, and I did actually enjoy it.  At times I felt like knocking Rhys and Melina's head together though.

Also, as pretty much of an Alpha female, I found her a little self-pitying and woe-is-me, but that is just from my own point of view.

The sex scenes were a little tame, and it would have been nice to see them spiced up a little more, as what was the point of education if it wasn't far reaching?

On my usual bug bear of typographic and grammar errors, I don't really remember seeing any, however there were a couple of blank page formatting errors that it would be nice to see fixed.

Happy to give it a 3.5 star review on here, but I'd feel guilty giving it a 3 on Amazon, so I will generously upgrade it to a 4.

Note to self:  you would probably read other title by this author.



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