Friday, 12 April 2013

#330 (#48 of 2013) - Second Chance Romance ~ Asrai Devin *NEW AUTHOR

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Mandy Green is happy juggling her life as a single mom and her dream job as a third grade teacher. Her world is knocked on its edge when her high school sweetheart connects with her via Facebook. Mandy decides on one, last date with Kip to finally move on. Kip isn't quite so ready to let go. Will Mandy dare to take a second chance with her first love? Warning: This book contains adult language, nature of a sexual content including anal sex.

Product Details:

This is another freebie Kindle download that I obtain in February this year.  At the time of writing this post is still listed as free for download HERE.  However, if you are reading this retrospectively, then that may well not be the case.

Novella - 166 pages

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It took a few pages to get into the flow of this one, but surprisingly it proved really quite good .... even eliciting a few tears at the end.

The "hero" for the want of a better word, Kip, annoyed me a bit sometimes with his gently gently approach - I did think a couple of times "man up", but then again maybe that is why the lovely Mandy loved him so, setting aside his killer body and bucket loads of money that he made as a NHL player!

A few typographical and grammar errors, but then again it is rare to get a clean copy of anything these days, and they definitely didn't detract from the overall storyline.

A freebie for me, which I was really quite pleased with, and am looking forward to finding other offerings by this new author to me.

All things considered a 3.5 star read for the blog, but better than being downgraded on Amazon, so I've rounded up to 4.



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